Sunday, August 30, 2009

1:1 Ratio Love!

Sometimes children really surprise you. Take today, for example. Out of the clear blue, Isaac decided to wake up at 3 AM. He was starved, apparently. The good news is that he went right back to sleep. I, however, did not. I didn't drift away until close to 5 AM, which put the kibosh on my 5:45 wake-up for 7 miles before church. Uh oh!

Happy Isaac, before the burp cloth fun began.

My hamstring has been bothering me, so I ice it quite often. This was also on my mind as I cancelled my early morning long run.

Do-rag Isaac

My only other option was to do the run at noon, after a very light lunch. I intended to donate blood at a church blood drive at 3:45 PM. After that I'd be good for nothing!

Squealing Isaac! A happy baby can make any situation better.

The temps were actually under 80 degrees at 1 PM, when I decided to make it a treadmill run. I did so because a) we have a fan out there now, b) I figured it'd be easier on my hamstring , and c) who needs that ole bothersome sun?

"Would you like some salt?"

So away I went, letting Teddy Tready earn his supper. I was to run the first 2 miles without walking. I did the first mile in 13:00 and the second in 12:43. Yay! That's pretty good for this slow gal. The remaining five miles were to be done at a 1:1 ratio. I did the running at 11:32 and the walking at 15:47. Not too shabby!

"Whatcha gonna do?"

The whole works took 1:33:24 (13:20 per mile). That is not bad. Afterwards I quickly showered and got ready to go and face the vampires! I hadn't donated blood in ages, unfortunately, so it was high time. Chasen donated, also.

Bring on the new training week!


peter said...

It's good to donate blood, so few can actually do it. Isaac is so cute!

Maddy said...

Good for you Susan!

You're doing great!

And Isaac is ADORABLE!

Susan K. said...

Isaac is the cutest!!! I just want to squeeze him...

way to go on your miles & time. I think you're doing fab!

lizzie lee said...
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lizzie lee said...

That boy of yours seems to be an excellent kitchen companion... Congrats on not letting the hamstring bother you!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope the hammy is nothing serious. Please take care esp. when doing speed work. And, yes, that Isaac seems to get cuter by the day!