Sunday, September 20, 2009

14 Miler on the Treadmill

I do not recommend doing 14 miles on the treadmill, but that's what I did today. Life gets in the way sometimes.

I was to do all miles at 1:1, except 3,6,9,12. Those were run solid.

Mile 1: 13:49
Mile 2: 13:12
Mile 3: 12:24
Mile 4: 13:26
Mile 5: 13:34

This is about where I wanted to quit. I didn't DARE, though. I did NOT want to disappoint John! I forged ahead.

Mile 6: 12:24
Mile 7: 14:02
Mile 8: 14:19
Mile 9: 12:35
Mile 10: 14:29

At this point I turned on the Garmin; weather be damned! I was headed outdoors no matter what. But then Chasen and Isaac got home and I was feeling a tiny bit of encouragement.

Mile 11: 14:51
Mile 12: 13:15 (I do believe this required a sitting break.)
Mile 13: 14:46 (This is when Chasen brought out the theme to Rocky on his ipod for me.)
Mile 14: 14:35

Total: 3:11:31
Average: 13:40

My next longrun is a mere 8 miles! Hooray! However, they all have to be RUN (i.e. no 1:1 business). Yikes! I can do it; I did 6 that way months ago. Wish me luck!


Mom on the Run said...

You've got some serious mental toughness to go 14 on the treadmill!

gabsatrucker said...

Way to tough it out!! Very cool of Chasen to bring out the Rocky theme, I'm going to have to ask James why he doesn't do that for me, ha-ha.

ShirleyPerly said...

Very good! I too have found that being held accountable to a coach makes me do more than I would probably normally do on my own. How nice that Chasen provided some motivating music to help you towards the end. Team work!

Suzana said...

GOOD LUCK. You are amazing, keep it up! :D

Petraruns said...

Susan! Susan! Susan! 3:11 on the treadmill! Good lord girl I can't believe you did that. Amazing! I think I would need a sitting break after that. Fantastic effort though - well done. Nothing like a coach to get you through that is there? PS - listened to you on RRT and LOVED it. You're doing amazingly girl.

DuffRunner said...

Damn! 14 miles on the treaddy! you are awesome. Love the pics of Issac in the halloween stuff. Reminds me of L growing up. Treasure it. He's going to be running around and terrorizing before you know it!