Sunday, September 27, 2009

Solid Running

Another good week of running in the bag! I completed all of my runs thanks to my wonderful husband and my treadmill.

Isaac is a monkey; he loves to hang upside down.

One run was a hill workout. The Rocket City course is said to be challenging, so hill workouts are quite necessary.

Isaac, third from left, got to go on a wilderness walk with friends.

On Friday we went to the Lichterman Nature Center in Memphis to stroll with friends. I was so thankful to have a stroller with real tires. The gals with plastic wheels had a hard time getting around!

My wilderness man! Isaac always likes to be in his stroller (thank God).

In the paved area, there was a scarecrow display. Here we are by Elvis (wearing my Elvis 5K shirt!)

On Saturday I was to do an 8-miler non-stop. I got to it at about 6:30 AM. I was only mildly anxious about the non-stop part. I headed out to the "main drag" and got down to business. It went like this: 14:14, 14:31, 13:54, 13:11, 13:49, 14:14, 14:00, 13:23. I really can go faster doing the 1:1 method! But of course I need and want to get back to solid running. Getting there!

On Saturday night a mommy friend and I met up for dinner and the theatre. We saw "A Chorus Line" at the historic Orpheum Theatre in Memphis. Fun!

Here I am ready to go! My little man is in the lower corner.

Have fun Mommy! Daddy and I will be fine here at home.

This week I'll be on the Runner's Roundtable for Team Point Two. Party on!


WYOTRI said...


You have been doing so great lately. Keep up the good work!


Petraruns said...

Nice workout Susan - good for you for getting it in and getting it done non-stop!

Jamie said...

Awesome job last week. I can't wait to see what you do this week. Looking forward to catching up on Wednesday!

ShirleyPerly said...

I do remember Rocket City having some hills but not like Little Rock. Perhaps the course has changed since 2003 when I ran it but I recall mostly how windy (as in lots of turns) it was and also windy (Mother Nature) it was along the one long straightaway there was.

Still, good to do some hill training so what hills it has will not seem like anything. Awesome job on your training!

PLANET3RRY said...

"Isaac always likes to be in his stroller (thank God)."

be careful, be very very careful... your next child will HATE the stroller (God's funny that way).