Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I skipped my easy 3-miler yesterday. It was the first time I have skipped a run in about 6 weeks. I did it because my "bum foot" was giving me fits. That darn peroneal tendon just plagues me sometimes, point blank. After Saturday's 8-miler it started, and it continued through Sunday and Monday. So no running. As of today it was great! So once Chasen got home, I hit the pavement. I was supposed to be doing a track workout today, but with it getting so dark so much sooner now, I just feel better by staying in my 'hood. Plus, the weather was actually gorgeous and dry; 70 degrees or less!

What's up, home slice?

I first did a 1.5 mile warm-up non-stop. After that I was supposed to do three miles at 11:28 each. Yikes! I had to hustle. The first mile was done in 11:25. Whoo hoo! The second, which I thought would be slower, was 11:06. Um, did I just do that? The third was 11:11. Look out, world! Thank you, Mother Nature.

Then... the ole foot started to hurt. So I walked the last bit, which was meant to be a 1.5 mile cooldown. We can't have it all, I don't guess.

This weekend I have to do 16 miles. Holy moly! My mind and heart are ready; I just hope the foot follows suit.


Tammy said...

Way to Go Susan you totally rock, keep up the great work, I don't know how you even find the time to do it.

Petraruns said...

GOod luck on the 16 miler this weekend hon - I shall be thinking of you (only 9 for me hoho). Good work on the speedwork and take care of that )(*&(^*&^*&^ foot!