Thursday, October 15, 2009

Less "Sick and Tired"

What a week! I had a sore throat before running 14 miles last Saturday. After doing so in too few layers, I became full-blown sick. Isaac was already sick with a cold, mind you. So it has been like a sick bay around here. Chasen, who thought he was coming down with it, narrowly escaped.

We took Isaac to the doc on Monday. His ears and chest were clear, so that put my mind at ease a bit. The poor little guy was horribly congested. I would take all of his sickness and then some to spare him of his misery... but I can not. So I just concentrate on taking meds of my own and trying to get better.

John decided to go easy on me this week. YAY! However, what seems easy it not always that way. I had to do a 65 minute bicycle workout (on my bike trainer) on Tuesday. Let me say OUCH. Loudly. OUCH! I have not been on the bike in about 6 months now (thanks to running 6 days per week) and I thought my "bicycle seat area" would be in awful shape afterward. Well, not directly afterward. But the next day I had some very sore muscles!

Isaac is making strides at being able to sit up. Not quite there yet...

Wednesday was a rest day - hallelujah. I have been trying to get as much rest as possible, as in napping every chance I get. Must get well!

Today I was to do a track workout. Here's the deal. The sun does not rise until just before 7 AM, and that is the time I need to be back here at home. Scratch early mornings. During the day I do not have childcare. Scratch daytime. The sun sets at about 6:30 PM. Chasen generally gets home just a little bit before that. Scratch nighttime. It's a pickle alright! Now, yes, I used to go out in the pitch black quite a lot back in the day. But I am a MUCH more cautious person now. MUCH. I have Isaac to think about. So I have to be safe. So I did the workout on the treadmill in the warm garage as Isaac watched, sleeping through most of it (Isaac, not me, LOL).

I am happy to report that after 3.5 days of meds Isaac seems to be doing better. I do try to get him to take more naps, but that is easier said than done.

I am just hilarious, it seems.

This weekend I am supposed to run *gulp* 20 miles. I know I can do it. (Did you hear that, John?) And I will be implementing a new on-the-run fuel system. Report to follow!


Anonymous said...

Isaac is so cute! Hilarious laugh! So glad he's better since there's nothing worse than seeing your baby sick. Hope you feel better soon! I know you can do the 20 miler! You'll do great!

lizzie lee said...

Nothing like safety. It is my rule number 1. I would have scratched the same way, and treadmill is good enough to replace tracks.

Your son is growing fast. Take care of the cold, and keep running..

Susan K. said...

I *Know!* you will do that 20 miler!! You are just inspirational to me, SS...

Look at that cute baby...only he's not a baby any more, he's a big boy! gosh. time flies.

Don't forget the fluids & rest, SS!