Saturday, October 10, 2009

Worldwide Festival of Races

Today I ran the half marathon for the Worldwide Festival of Races. But I'll get to that...

Isaac says "Hold your horses! Mommy has to post a zillion photos of me first."

Mid-week we visited Cedar Hill Farm in nearby Hernando, Mississippi with some friends. It is a full service kid haven complete with a pumpkin patch.

Must stay hydrated when strolling through the petting zoo.

Isaac slept through his first ever hayride. It's a tough life...

And his first ever pumpkin patch...

Look! A headless baby! LOL

My tired boy was not up to posing. Good thing I wore my running shoes. We went all over creation.

Tired little pumpkin.

This was a tough week because Isaac has been suffering from his first illness - a cold. It came on Thursday (post-farm). As a result I suffered from my first episode of projectile baby vomit. NOT FUN. Not sure if it was 'cold' related (I suspect the nasal medicine), but it wasn't pretty, regardless. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Looks really sick, doesn't he?

So I have been drained, both physically and emotionally. It's tough having your little one suffer. I struggled through some runs this week, just thankful to check them off the list.

I wasn't sure how today's 14-miler would go (13.1 plus an extra .9 afterward). I again faced pre-longrun insomnia, but I did get about 5 hours, which is better than nothing. I headed out just after 6 AM and it was FREEZING. Mind you, I have run through a sauna for months now. I had forgotten how to dress for this. I should have added a jacket and gloves. Lesson learned.

I selected an out-and-back course. I was frozen solid for about the first 2 miles. I did the whole run using the 1:1 method that I ADORE. Before I knew it I was near my "turn off the main drag" point. Then I was at 6.55 miles. I stopped to record that time on my cel phone in the hopes that I could make a negative split happen. Then I proceeded to mile 7. Just as I turned around Chasen called. He and Isaac were on their way.

Chasen took ONE photo, so I had to post it. Beggars can't be choosers.

I hoped to maintain my energy level on the way home. It was awfully windy and did not warm up a single bit. I only saw Chasen once or twice more. I knew by my mile splits that I was gaining speed. Must get home to warmth!

First half - 1:29:34. Second half - 1:25:27. Whoo hoo! I kicked that race in the rear! A 4 minute negative split!

Mile 1 - 13:49
Mile 2 - 13:49
Mile 3 - 13:35
Mile 4 - 13:28
Mile 5 - 13:45
Mile 6 - 13:37
Mile 7 - 13:27
Mile 8 - 13:01
Mile 9 - 13:13
Mile 10 - 12:55
Mile 11 - 12:52
Mile 13 - 13:01
Mile 13.1 - 00:56
Total - 2:55:01
Average - 13:22

I am so surprised and so very pleased. I was aiming for 3 hours! Yay me! Yay Team Point Two! Nine weeks until Rocket City. I just might make it!


jeanne said...

Congrats! Great job and look at you negative splitting!!

That is one cute baby--where do I steal one like that?! It IS so hard when they get sick, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Awesome job on your race! Keep it up! (and of course, cute baby pics!)

ShirleyPerly said...

Way to kick that half in the rear, indeed!

Well done on your run, Susan. I too think I would not know how to dress for anything below 70 degs any more ...

And sorry to hear little Isaac was sick. I remember reading about a blogger mom's account of her son vomiting at the grocery store. Not fun.