Thursday, October 01, 2009

One-Armed Running

Today was actually a dream come true: the weather was COOL and I got to run with Isaac! We headed out after he and I ate breakfast. I had to bundle him up, as these close-ups show.

This is nearly his only warm outfit. Time for warm big boy clothes!

The racing stroller is in the right side of this photo. I opted for the "travel system" stroller because it has storage compartments and cup holders.

We're all ready to go! The camera was set on top of the trash can. Not good!

I was to do 3 miles at 1:1. What a joy! And the weather - wow - 60ish degrees and windy. Heaven! Isaac and I stayed in the neighborhood, of course. I found that I was going quite fast while I was doing the running part. So fast, in fact, that my hamstrings are sore now that it is said and done. Go me! I averaged 12:58 per mile, which is about as fast as I can go doing solid running (how is that?)

Isaac started to fuss at 2.21 miles. Grrr! It came and went after a little soothing from Mommy. I had to finish, by golly!

It really was a dream come true. All summer I wanted to be able to get out there with him, but it was just disgustingly hot. Hopefully autumn will hold great things for us!


Anonymous said...

I've been following your progress on the podcasts and just found your website. You are doing great! It's awesome you can run with your son now- have fun!

Road Warrior said...

Nice the temp is finally cool enough. Up here, it's starting to really cool down, so gloves and long pants are probably next for me.

PLANET3RRY said...


Maybe when you have two, I can lend my Double Stroller to you