Monday, November 30, 2009

A Deer In Headlights

Goodness... where to begin? First and foremost, my family has been sick for 3+ weeks, at least. We just can't all get well at the same time. Isaac is probably immune to Mucinex and humidified air by this point. We have been trying to get as much rest as possible.

Like mother, like son. Naptime!

On Wednesday of last week I turned 35 years young. Wow. The good news is that I got some new running sunglasses and a huge assortment of Gu!!!

Thanksgiving feast at church. Notice Isaac's turkey!

Chasen again cooked us our own Thanksgiving feast this year (well, 4 dishes... but that is a feast!)

"Mommy, I do NOT like pureed turkey and cranberries."

Isaac has gone from zero to sixty this past week! I am a bit in shock. Previously he was sitting up a bit here and there, but preferred to lie down and play.

Not anymore! He is now a sitting champion. That is quite enough for me, but...

The next thing I knew, he was starting to pull up on his crib! And teeth on it! STOP!

Heart attack for Mommy... he's all the way up. And so proud of himself!

Proof! I was in shock. Wasn't he just born yesterday?

Not even two minutes later, he did it again.

My head is just spinning. My life is in the process of a dramatic change here, folks! I feel like a deer in headlights.

On the running front, I had a "light" week. I ran 3 times. I did well! But then I had to skip my longrun because my head was about to explode from some sinus nastyness. John wants me to focus on being as close to 100% healthy as possible for Rocket City, which is 12 days away. 12 days! Oh my. Wish me luck!


Heather said...

12 days?!?! Wow...time flew! And look at Mr. Isaac pulling himself up?!?! Lots of luck these next 12 days with getting ready for the big run. You will do great!!!!

Petraruns said...

12 days. 12 days! GOOD LORD GIRL! How very exciting! You know your training is in the bag now - you just need to get healthy. More naps.

As for Isaac he is the CUTEST! Adorable boy. And I hate to sound like an old hand at this but hohoho - the fun has only just begun..

Anonymous said...

I think Isaac is getting ready to keep you even busier! What cute pictures- love the napping one. Hope everybody is healthy at the same time soon!

Suzanad said...

:) He has gotten so big! I love the pic where he's sitting up alone and looks so surprised :D


lizzie lee said...

Yes, I can definitely confirm that Isaac has gone from zero to sixty. It is amazing... And he is taking care of leaving some nice marks in the crib for next little brother/sister????

Take care and take as many naps as needed. They definitely repair! 12 days... I'll be there for you (virtually)....