Sunday, December 06, 2009

1 Week To Go!

Holy moly... I can not believe that this time next week I will be basking in the glow of completing my third marathon. Wow - I truly have come a long way in the past 42 weeks (since birthing Isaac). Thank you, thank you, thank you Team Point Two.

Isaac says "I've come a long way, too. I have moved to the big boy tub!"

This week was a mixed bag. I finally went to the doc about my hurting ears. As it turns out, I had a bit of fluid (and now have antibiotics) and A LOT of build-up in there. Eeeew! So I had the grand experience of an ear wash? If you've ever had one, you know that it is an experience indeed. But now my ears are clean as a whistle! No more q-tip usage...

By Tuesday I already felt better, which was good because I had to run 4 miles. No sweat! Wednesday was 6 and Friday was 5 (which I actually got to do outdoors, a rarity for a non-longrun).

Isaac is interested in Keira's ankle bracelet. Konrad's shirt says "iPoo." Ha!

Here, he tries to escape Keira. Fickle man!

First time in his heirloom rocker. Of course, all his friends had to move to the floor.

On Saturday I had my FINAL pre-marathon longrun. Yikes! I was fit to be tied by the time I got to get out the door to do it. Running is SUCH a stress reliever for me these days. I swear, I don't know how I'd manage without it. Alas, I was to do 8 easy miles. Something odd I have discovered is that it is a bit easier for me to go a bit faster these days. Can you believe I just typed that? I pulled 12:07, 11:46, 11:29, 11:26, 11:07, 11:01, 11:07 and 11:07. Holy smokes! That's an 11:24 average.

This week will consist of two easy runs and, hopefully, a lot of rest. We shall see! I will update later in the week as to my status on all fronts. Rocket City, here I come.


Jacky said...

Best of luck! It looks like you're going to rock it! Well done... and to think that you gave birth only 42 weeks ago... you're a hero! Well done! My *baby*'s 13 months and still have a looooooooooong way to go!
Can't wait to read all about the marathon! You'll do great!

Casey said...

whoot! you are going to rock!! way to go w/ pacing! good luck this week!

DuffRunner said...

i know what you mean about running slower. I finished 18 miles on Sunday at right about the same pace-11:35. Running SLOWER was almost HARDER! John said it fatigues out the slow twitch muscles. You're gonna be a rocket at Rocket City!

Heather said...

GO SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!