Sunday, January 10, 2010

Isaac's First Haircut

No more "baby mullet!" Isaac got his first haircut yesterday. Chasen noted this past week that his hair was over his collar, so that was the end of that.

Waiting to be "scalped." Nice zebra smock...

He was not frightened by the clippers, thankfully. He sat there like a pro!

Trimming the top.

Stealing a comb...

All done! It may not appear to be a huge change, but it is. Trust me.

As she was finishing up, I cried. Here I am post-tears. So proud of my little man!

Nifty certificate for the baby book.

As we began to drive home I cried A RIVER. My little boy is now a big boy. This week he'll be 11 months old. Wow - time flies.

I got home and ran five very, very cold miles. Back in the saddle! It felt great. A while after that I completed my first ever P90X workout. Man on man -- this is gonna be a killer. Long story short: I merely mentioned this program to Chasen, he did some research on it, and he bought it. Now we're going to be doing it for the next 90 days. Running by morning, getting ripped by evening. Lord help me! I have said for ages that I wanted to incorporate strength training into my life... I guess this is my chance.


Anonymous said...

What a big milestone and Isaac looks very calm about the whole thing! What a cutie! The certificate is a very nice touch too.

I know one person who did the P90X program. He's in his early 60s and boy did it work great for him! I've been intrigued by the commercials but it looks a bit intimidating to me. Let us know how it works for you!

Casey said...

omg, i got teary reading that thinking about whenever it will be time to cut violet's hair! ugh. why is this such a momentous thing for us mommas?!

He looks handsome! Way to be a big boy! :D

Susan K. said...

Isaac is SO cute!! Almost enough to make me want another baby...almost ...but, nah. haha!!

Keep us posted on getting ripped with that P90X! Take a before picture so that you can have an 'after'! of you & Chasen both!
Just an idea!! :)

Jacky said...

Oh Susan... I so hear you... I too cry with every milestone my babies reach... amazingly enough, Paula will be 7 in Feb and I'm still crying everytime she does something new. But I also cry for the other 2 as they keep growing and doing new things. I love being a mom!
WTG on that cold 5miler! Woot!

lizzie lee said...

don't cry a river, because then I would have to cry an ocean (or two)...

much love

ShirleyPerly said...

Nearly a year old already? Wow, he has grown up SO fast!

And you two look absolutely adorable in that photo together. Best of luck with the P90X program. I've heard from others how tough it is, and that is from folks who've done ironmans!

CewTwo said...

How very cool and oh so cute Some kids just don't understand that first (or any subsequent) haircuts. It doesn't appear that there was any tears either!

So, Randy has only ever released 2 telephone numbers to my knowledge... His (and now) mine!

I'm off for a 3 miler today. Running is so cool, too

Petraruns said...

I can't believe Isaac is so very very good for his first haircut! This took us years to achieve!

And your running seems to be going really well - it sounds like you're using your previous marathon as a base - way to go. As for p90X - I took a look at that my goodness me that either kills you or makes you stronger - I'm sure it will do the latter for you..

PLANET3RRY said...

Awww come on now... Over his collar... you run a tight ship over there. What's wrong with shaggy hair... all the cool runners have it.

Oh wait, that's just me.
Never Mind. Carry on!