Sunday, January 24, 2010

P90X Weeks 1 and 2

So what have I been up to for the past two weeks? Several things have been going on. Chasen and I have started the P90X extreme fitness program. We work out to dvd's each evening. Today is day 16 of 90! I am really, really enjoying it. Week one was tough, of course, (I believe in my last post I described day 1 as "killer") but now it is actually challenging AND fun. We are rocking and rolling! My hope is that it will make me a stronger person and runner. I see this happening. I feel firmer already.

Mr. Eleven Months Old!

So, we have a very, very big birthday coming up! As I type this, we have three weeks until my precious Isaac is one year old. Holy cow! So we have been party planning. What a fast year!

Mr. Memphis sports a mustache! Cute, huh?

Here we all are at our friend Haruto's first birthday party. Oh what fun!

The St. Louis Marathon is eleven weeks from today. By golly, I gotta get crackin'!!! I have been able to run fairly consistently since the first of the year, and I would again like to thank Isaac for now sleeping each day until about 9 AM or so to make that happen. I am a much, much better mother when I can get a run in before he wakes. I feel my cup is filled and I can just be happy for the rest of the day. But back to the marathon. After a second of self-doubt (on a bad day) as to whether or not I can pull it together in time, I am "over it" and in high gear. With no formal training plan in hand, I have created one myself. Here goes nothin'!!


ShirleyPerly said...

I love that you and Chasen are doing P90X together. Truthfully, if Dave was not a cyclist, I don't think I'd love riding bikes as much as I do. The time together, even while sweating and grunting, goes far.

Happy 1st Birthday planning and I hope St. Louis is considerably cooler for you this year than it was when I ran it back in 2005.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Cute "facial hair"! have fun planning his 1st birthday party!
That's plenty of time to prep for the marathon, especially since you've been running regularly and doing the P90X. Good luck!

Petraruns said...

I looked up your program - it's amazing and well done for doing it together. How is Chasen doing on it?
As for your race - I think you're doing very well on it so far - don't be tough on yourself. Just think how much fitter you are than when you started training for the last one ;). You're in great shape and will be very strong. You'll do great!
3 weeks till Isaac's birthday? How time flies. I remember the day well - will celebrate for him from this side of the ocean.

Jacky said...

Wow! Only 11 weeks... that's just around the corner! Glad you managed to pull your own plan! sounds good!
And Isaac becoming 1... amazing how time goes by!
WTG on doing the P90X together... my hubby would NEVER do anything like that, LOL! Glad you're enjoying it!
Good luck on your marathon... you'll rock it once again!

lizzie lee said...

WOW, he is so big!!!! Nice mustaches!!!

I haven't heard of the P90X program, but will take a look out of curiosity!!!

And another marathon? Congrats....

Susan K. said...

where are the pictures of Mr. One Year old?! Inquiring minds want to see you know.

And oh yeah, of Mommy, too, now that's she must be on week 4 or 5 of P90X!