Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Steps!

My sweet baby boy, who is 13 1/2 months old, took his first steps on Saturday evening. I can't even begin to tell you how surprised and proud I was. He took about three steps right in front me of. Wow! A while later he took about ten steps while holding my hand. That was the sweetest thing ever. He stole my heart all over again!

Here he is in his ninja pajamas that Martina sent from Japan. Awesome!

Just prior to his first steps, he was eating pasta. I thought "He'll make a great marathoner." :)

Also, Isaac finally mastered his 'straw cup' this past week. Hooray!

Of course, he is prone to making messes with it...

So - the Chicago Marathon is now 28 weeks away. 194 days! I feel very fortunate to have registered just in the nick of time. I have also booked my free aware airline ticket (which actually cost me $5, go figure). I am contemplating using the "intermediate" training plan on the marathon website. By definition I qualify for the "advanced" training plan, but it requires more running that I think I can manage at this time (and more than I care to do, to be frank). I do have a walking child to chase after! That must count for cross training, at the very least. Ha!

I finally figured out how to keep Isaac and his pals away from the computer at our "Toddler Time" group.

Big, big news: Chasen and I have started Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace" program. Our church is offering it, so we jumped right in. It has proven to be very eye opening. It's a good thing I registered for expensive Chicago when I did... because now we are making some changes and doing some budgeting! Aye aye aye. It's a good thing, though. And there has never been a better time to get into tip-top financial shape, at least according to our little growing weed!


Irish Blue said...

Wow, big week for Isaac! I remember those first steps...great moments in life for mom and the little man.

Good thing you got in on Chicago. Can't believe it closed that early.

A girl I work with did the Dave R thing and is now completely debt free, with the exception of a mortgage. I hear it really works.

Marathon Maritza said...

I LOVE that Isaac carbo-loaded before his first awesome!

ShirleyPerly said...

That last photo just CRACKS me up!!!

Wonderful to hear Isaac is now walking a bit. And I do think that you need to take into account what you can realistically do when considering training programs. There are many paths to get you where you want to go and high volume is not always the best solution for some. Good luck deciding!

lizzie lee said...

Now you can train chasing the baby boy. Congrats again for making it to Chicago!

Jacky said...

So excited for you Susan! So many things going on! You'll rock Chicago and little Isaac sure looks like a future marathoner... taking steps, eating carbs... he's on the right path ;)
The intermediate program sounds good. I'd really like to do the Barcelona Marathon on March 6 2011, my PT says it's early... also I have a 10K on 5/2 and there's also a 1/2 and a full the same day at the same place (used to be marathon and 1/3 of a marathon but it's been changed) so I'm planning on doing the 10k this year (already registered), the 1/2 next year and the full the next... that's a nice progression on the same race! It's flat and all along the seaside... it's got to be beautiful!
Good luck with your training!