Monday, April 05, 2010


Wow - I do remember the days when I updated this blog nearly daily, BC (before child). Those were the days! I have just looked at my Buckeye Outdoors account, and I have another reason to have neglected this blog for yet another week: I have not logged a workout in seven straight days. That's right... the ole knee started to be all achy again last Monday. Why why why? That's what I kept asking myself. Well, let's just say Miss Susan does not always like to heed good advice. And I just hate it when Chasen is right... but the fact of the matter is, I have just GOT to wear my running shoes around the house instead of flip flops. Apparently, my 35-year-old knees need support. After a mere one day of doing so, my aching was GONE. Lesson learned. Now just help me to remember it...

Good news! Chasen got a new job! No, we're not moving. However, it is not in Olive Branch. It is in downtown Memphis (just a bit farther away). We are very, very excited!

On Friday we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Trying to stick to our Dave Ramsey budget, I prepared a home cooked meal complete with place mats and wine glasses (la-te-dah).

Romantic meal for two! Um, make that three...

Isaac continues to be more and more mobile. It truly amazing to me! He is growing so fast. Just think - he has celebrated Easter twice now!

Cutie patootie all ready to go to church on Easter Sunday.

I purposely picked a hideous photo of me from Easter 2009 to share with you all for comparison.

Easter 2010 -- much better. :)

We were invited to spend the afternoon with friends. Isaac actually got to hunt eggs (with the help of Chasen)!

"I see one, Daddy."

"Look what's in here, Daddy!"

Three words: back on track. Time to get serious about base training. More to come!


Jacky said...

Hope you had a Happy Easter! Isaac is growing soooooooo fast. He's so cute! Loved your before and after pictures. Both great though! You're one beautiful girl! Glad you figured out about the knee. Thank goodness running shoes are comfy, LOL! Congrats on Chasen's new job too! The ball is rolling in the right direction.. you're going to rock that marathon! Go Susan Go!

Anonymous said...

Isaac is such a cutie - he is growing up fast! I cannot believe the difference between last year and this year's pictures too. You look awesome!

Happy Anniversary!

Marathon Maritza said...

Not that you weren't gorgeous before, but I definitely see a difference and you look great one Easter later!! NICE job!! See, isn't that motivation to get back on the workout wagon? :)

And Isaac is soooo grown up since that last Easter...he's a little man!!!

Irish Blue said...

Looks like you guys had a terrific Easter. Isaac is becoming quite the little man.

Congrats to Chasen on the new job too!

Now, get runnin missy! ;-)