Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Back To The Drawing Board

After all of my big talk about getting back on track with running and P90X, I did try. However, I came to my senses. Leading that "double life" was just too much. It was obviously taxing on my knee, as for the physical. As for the family life, it was just consuming us. We spent every minute of every evening (except Friday) working out, so Isaac got only one parent at a time (which I am sure he didn't mind). The past three weeks straight have been crazy busy, and now I see clearly the reason: to make us slow down.

"Seriously, Mommy and Daddy, chill out."

I spent last Sunday (9 days ago) pondering what to do about marathon training, factoring in the knee pain and the not-wanting-to-abandon P90X. What to do? I mean, I can't do it ALL and do it ALL well, that's for sure (motherhood lesson #1!!!) So first I came up with Plan B: find a marathon about a month or so after St. Louis to give me more time. Chasen was on board with this plan. We looked... and looked... and looked... and we just couldn't find a drivable location that wasn't in the dead heat of summer. What to do? Plan C: Obviously, defer until later. What?!? Not run a spring marathon? Yep, you got it. Just keep on training and cross training for... wait for it... Plan C! Chasen suggested the Chicago Marathon. Now, Chicago has always been on my "one day" list, but I gasped at the thought of us three making that drive again. He thought about it and agreed. So next came Plan D, the winner: I will go it alone! Yep, Mommy is gonna get some time away! Oh the wheels started spinning. I have a free airline ticket to redeem... I have a girlfriend who can host me... what could be better? With 45,000 racers, Chasen and Isaac would have a heck of a time spotting me on the course anyway. This sounds perfect! It is 32 weeks from now.

Back to reality. I have not done any running in 2 weeks. Zero. Nor P90X. My knee is perfect. I guess rest was definitely in order. During this time frame I have made several decisions, and not just to trade St. Louis for Chicago. First of all, I have decided to modify the P90X plan to better suit me. It calls for 3 strength workouts per week PLUS 2 cardio workouts and yoga. While I know the cardio workouts are the most fun part, let's face it - I run. Thus, I have made the executive decision to cut out those cardio days. And yoga is going to be scheduled, yet optional, due to our schedules. So I have gone from 6 days of P90X to 3 or 4. That is going to help tremendously, I think. I'll lose the "doom and gloom" attitude of "It's 10 PM, I just got done working out, and I have to be up first thing tomorrow to run." That gets old!

Second, both Chasen and I have decided to stop the P90X eating plan. It is both impossible and extremely expensive. There is just soooo much on it! I have yet to eat all of the daily food. I never thought I'd be complaining about having to eat so much, but I am. This, in particular, was a point of contention for me from the beginning. You see, I lost all of my baby weight following The Diet Solution, so I was very hesitant to change, as I loved that plan. But I did. So now I feel like I am going back home!

All that's left to do is figure out Chasen's P90X schedule and my running schedule. I am very excited about Daylight Savings Time in less than two weeks. Looks like I am going to switch back to evening running, just like last summer. Bring on the heat!

Now for the important stuff: Isaac! I am so proud of my big boy. The day of his 1-year checkup he began drinking whole milk - out of a sippy cup - like a champion! I am so proud! (Did I say that already?) And he has begun eating table food quite well. We actually call him our little garbage disposal. Also, he has started standing up on his own from a squat. Next stop: walking! Today I registered him for Mother's Day Out starting in September. He'll go there (a church across from our neighborhood) on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 AM - 2 PM. During those hours I hope to work, run, relax, you name it. I am looking forward to that! He'll be 18 months old by then.

There ya have it!


ShirleyPerly said...

Susan, I'm proud of you for deciding what is right for you and your family! P90X sounds like a demanding program by itself and perhaps not the right thing to be doing in addition to training for a marathon. I'm sure John Elliott or another coach would have modified what you're doing to avoid overdoing things. That's precisely the reason I keep working with my coach, actually!

And Chicago sounds like a good alternative, even better using FF miles :-)

Petraruns said...

Susan I have to agree with Shirley and yourself - sounds like you made the right decision. It is quite easy to overextend yourself as a parent and no-one is a winner when you do - I promise!

YOur plans sound wonderful and a couple of days traveling alone will do you the world of good my friend. I am thinking about it all now as well.. Lots of love, Petra

Marathon Maritza said...

Sounds like a really excellent plan and you have made some great decisions. You have gotten your priorities in line in terms of how you want to spend your valued time, without giving up running, working out and eating healthy, which is also of value to you. Awesome. And yay Chicago!

I cannot believe how big Isaac looks!

Irish Blue said...

Wow, sounds like you've thought it out and come up with a good plan. The P90X thing is so demanding, not sure that would work well with marathon training...also demanding. This plan sounds smarter to me. I'm curious about how you lost the weight too. I'll have to check that diet out.

Chicago is a great race! You'll love it. I'll pray for good weather for you too.

Jacky said...

Awesome plan Susan... you're such a strong and determined woman! So glad your knee's not bothering you anymore!
No wonder you're proud of Issac... you should be... he's such a champ, like mommy!
Good luck in Chicago... 32 weeks to go is perfect!

Maddy said...

It's hard when you're burning the candle.

You have to do what's best for you and it sounds like you're doing it!

I can't wait to finally meet you in person in Chicago!

MarathonChris said...

I know how crazy it can be juggling it all, and you have made a wise choice my friend. You will have a much better time at the race and the stress is reduced!

Love the plan!