Monday, March 08, 2010

Baby Blues

I have some good news to report! I am back in motion and the knee is good. So far, so good.

On Saturday I went for a non-Garmin 2-mile walk. It was gorgeous outside and I felt great. That took all of 37 minutes. On Sunday, because Chasen was under the weather (don't even ask... but he lost 8 pounds in one day...) Isaac and I went out together in his stroller for the first time since probably November. That time I walked the first mile and then ran/walked the second mile at 1:1. Again, no pain! Today we did an exact repeat of that. Hooray! I know the distances are short, but I am thrilled to be pain free.

So last week my friend E and I went to check out a group called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). They meet at a church and provide childcare -- for two hours and fifteen minutes! I don't recall the last time I had 2:15 without Isaac. It was lovely. I had a teeny bit of apprehension of leaving him in their nursery, but only because it was his first time there. He is a champ at our home nursery, so I figured he'd be fine. Look what they did to him:

The "little old ladies" put his name on his back with tape. HA!

I must say, he looks so much like me here. And he's hiding his remote beneath the oven.

Here is Isaac at our very first date together. He was an angel. I'd go for a second date!

"Hey Mr. Mexican restaurant manager, why are you taking my picture?"

After our lovely date, just as we were about to leave, he proceeded to throw up all over the place. Oh the joy of motherhood!

My child is addicted to me, I tell you. We are joined at the hip these days. He wouldn't even let Chasen rock him back to sleep tonight when he woke up screaming (darn teeth!) As soon as Chasen left the room and I took over, he calmed right down. As Chasen says "Mommy is the best, and Daddy is just the rest." Ha! So true...

I would love to somehow get a little break, but I don't know how. I get little mini-breaks every now and again (like the church nursery or "girls night out") but that's about it. The good news is that I have about 26 more weeks until Mother's Day Out starts and I will get 10 solid hours per week to myself. Whoo hoo!


Marathon Maritza said...

Hooray for pain-free running!!!! I'm glad you get these snippets of time to yourself...I'm sure it makes you that much more of a dedicated mommy to get some relaxing time to regroup.

And ugh, I hear teething is awful! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

LOL- every time we go to our local IHOP, I remember the time my daughter threw up as soon as we got seated in a booth when she was 1 years old. Ah, memories!
Nice you got to get out in the good weather and hope you get some more breaks soon!

lizzie lee said...

Ha ha.. and then dad in all his right will ask: Where is the remote?

Good your pain is fading away!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great news about the knee!!

I'm glad you are making some time for yourself. I wish my sister did more of that when my niece was younger. I think she still sleeps with mommy at 5 yrs old!

Petraruns said...

Good for you for finding a bit more child-free time - it really does make you a better mommy and wife. And I'm afraid that the mommy-thing lasts for a while. I will tell you that all my friends with teenagers miss it..

I'm thrilled you're back on the road. Come on girl, you've got a race to train for!

Jacky said...

Oh Susan... I'm soooooooooooooo happy for you! I know what it feels like... I was in pain for 3 full years (yes, it's not a typpo) until a found a proper doc. So... hoorray for pain free running!
Issac sure looks like you in that pic in the kitchen... he's such a sweetie! Hope the throwing up was nothing. Paula threw up once at the chemist and Jan at the store... geez... it was all over!
All your planned activities sound great. I haven't had a break in 7 years and after our huge snow storm on Monday (once every 24 years... in NEVER snows here) I'm off today and kids are at school so I have a FULL day to MYSELF... woohoo!!!!!
On the other hand, by having you spend so much time with Isaac will make him a much more confident child,which nowadays is great! WTG mommy!
Hope those teeth come through quick for you!
Go Susan Go!

peter said...

Ha! They're so cute at that age. It's good to catch up on the goings ons at the Isaac household!