Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great Cola Debate

Last year on June 3rd I decided to give up caffeinated beverages. Never a coffee drinker, for me this meant no more Diet Coke or Coke Zero (or diet anything else). Isaac was 3.5 months old and it felt like all I did was sit around and eat simple carbs and drink Coke Zero. Not good! After receiving an e-mail newsletter about giving up cola, I decided to do it. Now, nearly 11 months later, I am still cola free.

Our neighbor brought over a toy used by his grown son. I cleaned it up, and Isaac loves it!

I could instantly tell a difference. I no longer craved sweets! Not a bit! That was HUGE for me, as I was carrying 25 pounds of baby weight.

Zoo outing: this is what it's like trying to photograph five toddlers. HA!

Water is my beverage of choice 99% of the time. The other 1% is milk, juice, wine, etc. Drinking basically only water gets OLD. Really old. No, I am not interested in water additives.

A very wise woman once told me "Food can not be your entertainment." Well, while that is true, a water-only life is a dull one. It has made me realize how much "having a Coke" (which is how us Southerners refer to all canned beverages) is an outing, a social event, a break, etc. *sigh* Not for me...

Isaac checks out Gwen's stroller at the zoo.

At about 9 months into this cola-free lifestyle, I thought I might quit. Chasen said "At least make it to a year! That'll be huge!" So I agreed. He also pointed out that he thought giving up Cokes was probably harder than giving up smoking. I completely disagree with that (not that I know from personal experience) but his argument is "Restaurants don't serve cigarettes." The man's got a point!

Isaac loves laundry. He really, really does.

So, here I am 36 days from being cola-free for one year. And I crave sweets so badly! Every day! I am ready to dive head first into a huge vat of Coke Zero!

"Mommy, let me throw all these clothes all over the floor!"

What to do? Go back on the sauce? I am ready to move on... ready for some change... for something.

My new training plan is on its way! It should arrive tomorrow. I am ready to get OFFICIAL.

So - what do you, all of my trusted running friends, think about my cola dilemma?


gabsatrucker said...

36 more days!!! Stay strong Susan, you can finish out the full year. Then on the 37th day dive in if you still want to :) I've got faith in you that you can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow- that's a toughie! I guess the best way to decide is to imagine how you'd feel after you take that first sip of Coke now vs in 36 more days. If you can drink it now without regrets, than you have your answer. But I have no doubt that you can make another 36 days if you want to- that is quite an accomplishment!
(Does Isaac want to come over and help with my laundry too? )

Susan K. said... not jump into that vat of Coke Zero. The diet drinks are just as bad as the full-sugar ones--and worse--in my opinion. As are the 'flavored' waters.

Why don't you make yourself some suntea? Use herbal tea, like a lemon-ginger one, is you want to stay away from drinks that have caffeine in them.

My drinks of choice are water or coffee, or iced tea. I do put milk & a lil' bit of sugar into my coffee. My iced tea I have with lemon only, that's just always been the way I prefer it. Since I don't drink alcohol, when going out, I'll order a ginger ale, but since a lot of places don't have that, I'll end up with an iced tea.

Put a lemon slice in your water, or lime.

Eat more fruit. Get those complex carbs like whole wheat pastas upped. Have some nuts.

You don't have to cave into the sugar can do it SS!!

Isaac is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I always have the urge to squeeze the stuffing right out of him when I see the adorable pix you post of him. He is so loveable!

PLANET3RRY said...

So what do you chose? The Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

While it may seem that your life is like a glass of plain water, there are plenty of alternatives that getting back on the wagon. I'm more concerned for the caffeine/chemicals rather than the sugar aspect of Drinks with Flavor.

Susan K makes a GREAT point with Tea (Green Tea being the most beneficial). I brew 1-1/2 gallons (Big Coffee Urn) of tea at a time (Decaf Green Tea) and the bonus is that I can control the type of sweetner that I use AND the amount that I use.

*Caution Unsolicited Parenting Observation Not Intended as Advice or Guilt Trip Ahead*
If you haven't seen this already, iRoy is going to drink what Mommy and Daddy are drinking. If you drink a soda, he's going to want a soda. He's modeling on your actions and preferences, like it or not *End UPONIaAoGT*

Whether you do or don't get back on the Wagon, I have been MOST impressed with your tenacity to stay Only Water for so long. I will admit, that it has inspired me to keep cold water in the fridge at home, so that I am less tempted to drink other liquids (except beer... me still likey beer!)

Jacky said...

Hi Susan!
First off, congrats on being caffeine free for a year! I'd stay off it since you've been able to stay off it for so long but if you're craving it... as long as you don't "abuse" it... go ahead! They do say a lil caffeine isn't that bad ;)
Congrats on the new training plan... you're completely official!! Woohoo!!!
Great pics of Isaac, he's so cute! Glad he's feeling better too!


Petraruns said...

Hey honey sorry I've been so long in commenting on blogs - wow a year! Well let me tell you that you have inspired me. I barely ever touch diet coke anymore - that stuff used to run through my veins! - but ever since you gave up I kept thinking about it and all that cr*p that is in it - aspartane is just evil! - and how it made no sense that I don't let my kids drink carbonated drinks because they are either filled with sugar or aspartane and then do it myself. So don't give up - you've inspired me.

Having said that yes it is sometimes boring. And if you're desperate for a sugar fix, have some. Just don't have something that you have a lot lying around of. Dark chocolate - it's the answer. I can't gobble it in large quantities but it deals with the craving. It's also a FINE combination with a glass of red wine - believed, in small quantities, to be very good for you!

Irish Blue said...

Wow, you've done so well. I personally have tried giving up diet coke and coffee too and I've never lasted a week! So, kuddos to you.

What about diet coke as a treat, say once/twice a week?

Jacky said...

You said on my blog "I agree; rest is in order! Too much racing does take its toll, I think.

My Jeff Galloway training plan book just arrived. I gotta get crackin'!!!! I'd like to lose 20 pounds, also. "... shall we lose the weight together?

Enjoy your training!

lizzie lee said...

YOU CAN DO IT.... When I was a teenager (yeeeeeeearrrrs ago) I used to drink 5-6 8-oz bottles a day. Don't know when I quit, but the crave will go away... I have been drinking only water (*) for centuries now and as you is my choice all the time.

That boy and laundry... awesome!!!

(*) with the wise exception of wine!!!

Jacky said...

As posted on my blog (just to make sure you get it!)

Yes, yes, yes!!! Let's do it! Did you see my comment on your blog? Come on Susan... WE CAN DO IT! Thanks for being my partner!
How's the book? Do you like it? What sort of training are you going to follow???
Here's my e-mail: might be better contacting that way!

Cheryl said...

I couldn't do it. Your willpower is much stronger than mine. I did have to wean myself off of caffeine when i was having some migraines, but still i drank sodas without caffeine! Now I drink 1 Dt. Mt. Dew everyday! And Coke Zero over ice, yummy. Sorry....

I wish I had your willpower, I'd give up chocolate.

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