Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Double Trouble

Goodness, this post is long overdue! Like, 9 days overdue! Well... 9 days ago (Monday, 4/12) my Isaac was diagnosed with double ear infections. Oh no! It was his first bout ever with an ear infection, and the poor guy had trouble with both ears. Go big or go home! So I did the best I could to keep him nice and cool, since he ran a very high fever for several days.

He did lots of hanging out in just a diaper, which I like, actually. It makes him look somewhat like a little baby.

Never you worry; I did 3 miles three days in a row. Isaac's illness only meant that I had to wait for Chasen to come home to be able to head out to run, since I was not about to take that sick baby boy out in the stroller.

I took day 4 off, as planned. That day (Wednesday, 4/14) Isaac developed a rash (see photo below) due to the antibiotics. Poor guy. This was also Chasen's final day of his Olive Branch, MS employment.

There was no rest for the weary, because the next day (Thursday, 4/15) we had to all go to Henderson State University for Chasen to tie up some loose ends with his MBA (this was LONG overdue). We left at 6 AM (good gravy!) and were exhausted by the time we got home after 8 hours total on the road. So I did not run. But here are some photos from HSU.

Alumni House, where Chasen had to sign the Alumni Book.

Captain Henderson House, a bed and breakfast that my old boss restored.

By Friday we were in high gear preparing for a garage sale the next day, so no running. Aargh! After the ill-fated sale I was pooped, but Chasen encouraged me to go out for a while. So, I ran another 3 miles. At this point I am all about the walk-run method, so on Sunday I did 4 miles - my longest run in weeks!

On Monday Chasen started his new job in the corporate world (specifically in downtown Memphis, TN). I was planning to watch the Boston Marathon online, but I was OUTRAGED when I saw that you had to pay for it. No thanks, Universal Sports. To blow off that steam, I ran 3 miles thinking of Petra, who was "grounded" in the UK and missing Boston, the whole time. I was severely disappointed for her. Stupid earthquake!!!

With a busy Tuesday evening on my plate, Isaac and I headed out for another 3-miler in the AM. Mission accomplished.

I am still investigating the Galloway method for Chicago 2010, but I feel a bit lost at the moment. I just keep telling myself to keep moving forward and it'll all work out. Let's hope! Most of all I feel like I have so little time to do anything, since Isaac is now walking and requires constant attention. I do wish I could read all of your blogs, but I just can't seem to find more than 2 solid minutes, it seems, to do anything online (except for like right now in the middle of the night when I can't sleep). Bear with me!


Jacky said...

Hey Susan! Glad Issac's better! TAke it easy and yes... a toddler who just starts walking leaves time for NOTHING... been there 3 times... just hang in there and enjoy the ride! Time goes by way too fast!
Great training!


Anonymous said...

Those buildings at HSU are beautiful! I wish buildings around my neck of the woods looked more like that!

Hoping Isaac is feeling completely back to his normal self now! Poor guy!

I know...I felt so bad for those stranded by the earthquake too! Boo!

Anonymous said...

I meant, volcano...not earthquake! (I'm mixing up my natural disasters now!)

Petraruns said...

Oh honey you've had quite the week. Poor little Isaac, and poor little you two because that must have been hard. Full marks for getting ANY runs in.

What are your concerns about Galloway? Would be interesting to hear.

Big hug and thanks for the shoutout - still can't believe I missed Boston...

lizzie lee said...

I am so sorry to hear about Isaac. I hope he feels better now. Nothing like ear pain, and double!!!

The first picture is beautiful. God bless him!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Poor Isaac!!!

Sorry, I've been out of the loop in Hawaii most of this month and am catching up with folks now. Belated congrats on your 5th anniversary and Chasen's MBA!!