Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Acceleration Gliders

There's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that the Jeff Galloway "time goal" training program is not as easy as I thought it would be. The bad news is that the Jeff Galloway "time goal" training program is not as easy as I thought it would be.

Taking a closer look at the plan, my Tuesday and Thursday timed runs (as opposed to mileage runs) are more than just getting out there for a certain time. Who knew?!? Ha. Not me, not before last night.

On Tuesdays I am supposed to do some "acceleration gliders." Now, I have read it, read it, and re-read it, and I just don't really get it. I am sure I did not do them correctly... but I tried. I searched for a video on youtube and found nothing.

On Thursdays I am supposed to do some hill work "if my marathon has some hills." Chicago? Perhaps not. But I do like hill repeats, believe it or not, so I intend to do some (when I am stroller-free).

As much as I hope marathon day is cool and cloudy, one thing is for sure: training in "Memphisippi" heat and humidity will likely help me out, even though I am slow as molasses. Tonight when I went out for 40 minutes worth, it was 85 degrees after 6 PM. Gotta love it!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what acceleration gliders are. There are a lot of terms that plans use that are just not intuitive! Good job getting out there in the heat!

Jacky said...

Wow Susan... that's hot! WTG for getting out there! You rock girl!
Acceleration Gliders... isn't it (I don't know) when you have to run in like "progression"? You start, let's say at x min/mile and finish at x-2 min/mile, for example... you upper the pace as you go along. Or it could be running and then running faster for short periods of time, such as a minute or two every 5... that's what the "name" suggests to me.
In any case, I think you're doing great! I might do that program too when I can finally run a marathon. It's my long term goal and I crave it sooooooooo bad, but then again... if I can barely run a 10K, how can I even think of a full? Oh well... just give me time... and make no mistake... I'LL DO IT!
Best of luck Susan!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hmm, no idea what acceleration gliders are either.

But I do know that heat training is like hill training in that it makes you stronger both physically and mentally. And if race day turns out to be hotter than expected (which is 50% of the races I do it seems), you will be able to handle things much better than others. Also like altitude training, training in heat forces you to go slower which can help reduce the risk of injury. I'm convinced now that heat training is my secret weapon.

Good luck with Galloway!