Thursday, May 06, 2010

Rose-Colored Hill Repeats

Tonight, in 85 degree weather, I headed out in my rose-colored running sunglasses for another 40 minutes of fun! I did 2 miles at 2:1, which were surprisingly fast, and then in the final mile I did a few hill repeats (per my plan). I need to take a photo of the hill - it's a doozy. I love hills, though, so it's all good.

Running in the evening is good for my skin. Why? Because in the evening I bathe after a run, i.e. a second bath for the day, which prompts me to do my full-on nighttime beauty routine. When I do run in the AM, I bathe of course - but that's generally my only bath of the day (unless I have something special going on later that day) and I have been known to just "crash into bed" at night and ignore my skin (exhausted mommy syndrome). So you see - evening running is good for my skin! Let's fight this aging process tooth and nail!


Anonymous said...

I can see the magazine headlines now "The Secret to Beautiful Skin: Evening running!" Wow it is getting HOT! I have to get over my denial that it is almost summer.

lizzie lee said...

85 F!!!!!! I was just writing to Shirley and telling her that anything above 55, if sunny, is hot for me!!!

How is the baby doing? Ears well now?

Petraruns said...

HOT HOT HOT! Can't believe it - we've got the heating back on it's FREEZING here. Good on you for throwing in some hill repeats - it'll make you so much stronger..

As for your skin - do it whenever you remember. I'm looking at my hands as I type and man...

Jacky said...

Wow Susan! Awesome job! Great that you a get a 2x1 deal with the skin *thing*. You go girl!

Jacky said...

Hi Susan!

Yes, special friends are great!

Race went well... everything turned out great... can't ask for more! I blogged about it already. A great morning!

How's training going? I don't like hills but when I face one I repeat to myself "I love hills" ;)