Friday, May 14, 2010

A Week Of Weeks

Man I've had a week! Let's take it from the top. Chasen left on Monday for a business trip. He wouldn't return until Wednesday, but let's call it the way I see it: two nights without help. So Monday I cleaned the house for about 5.5 hours. Yep - insanity. The good news was that Chasen, Isaac and I all used Skype for the first time. Now we'll be able to keep up better when he travels.

On Tuesday Isaac and I headed out first thing for my 40 minutes of FUN, i.e. a Galloworkout. It's hard enough for me to understand how to do acceleration gliders, but try doing them with a stroller. Eek!

I am one relaxed boy. And I love the stroller!

Afterwards I cleaned house for another 2 hours. By then it had reached its quarterly status of "spotless" (minus toys everywhere - but that really can't be helped - at least they were on clean hardwood floors). Here's where it gets interesting. Twice a week or so, I tend to a neighbor's dog. Because I had a big evening planned, I had to go over super early (like 4 PM, and I normally go at about 6 PM). When I got home I got a text from her that the police were on their way because her alarm was going off. Oh jeez! My sitter had just arrived so I left her 'stranded' on my front porch as Isaac and I headed over to deal with it. Apparently I was in such a hurry that I hadn't shut one door all the way. Oops!

This made me late to my next event. You see, in a weak moment (ha ha) I agreed to be on my women's philanthropy group's executive board. On this night I was to go to a kickoff meeting and team building exercise for four hours. Four hours!!!! Yikes! I'll be brief: we all walked a tightrope, literally, among other activities, then ate and started a marathon (and not the fun kind) meeting that lasted waaaaaay too long (I walked out after five hours and they weren't done). My poor sitter's mother was parked outside waiting, thankfully, because at this point it was past Isaac's already-late bedtime. Aye aye aye!

Dozens of toys and all I want is cooking utensils.

On Wednesday Isaac did not give me a minute's peace. Chasen finally got home and we headed to church.

Thursday was a big, big day! I graduated from Leadership DeSoto, but not before my group presented our community service project. Our mission was to create an awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The athletic nephew of one on my group members passed away from SCA at the age of 20. CPR more than doubles the chance of survival from SCA, so we each got CPR certified and then held three different free classes throughout the community so that others could become certified. The participants ranged from Girl Scouts to senior citizens.

Here I am giving my part of the presentation in my June Cleaver dress.

Here I am after receiving my graduation certificate and trophy!

Here are all of the trophies. I may not win age group awards, but I can do community service!

The best part of the whole thing was that Chasen got to be there for the project presentation, graduation and luncheon. :)

When I got home after picking Isaac up from a friends house, he quickly went down for a nap. Hooray! So I hopped on my treadmill to accomplish 40 minutes of hill training. No rest for the weary. That night I went to let off some steam and play bunco and drink sangria with a bunch of wild mothers!!!

On Friday (today) I had to get up early and get myself to a continuing education class for my architectural license. An adult babysitter came over for the 6.5 hours I was gone. When I returned it was over 90 degrees and I was wiped out (go figure). I was supposed to do an "easy walk" but with the temps, impending thunderstorm and exhaustion, I decided to bag it. I have now missed my first Galloworkout!

Oh but it gets better: next week Chasen will be gone 6 of 7 days. Yep. That should be interesting. I have almost nothing on my schedule except one meeting, one play date and 4 runs. Wish me luck!


Susan K. said...

Amazing how little kids can stand on their tip toes like they do. Just sayin'.

Isaac, as usual, brings a smile to my face, seeing his cute pictures. Thank you for sharing, and please take more! :)

And SS----PLEASE! You are a busy woman who does a lot! I'd say you're at the TOP of your age group for many, many, MANY things. So what if you're not the fastest runner in a race for that group? So? I think you're #1 no matter what!

Just sayin'.

Jacky said...

Congrats on everything Susan! You're a champ!

WTG on getting your certificate, and getting your run in!

Issac's so cute... I hear you on wanting cooking utensils, Pol's the same, LOL!

Good luck this week. You can do it!

Jacky said...

Hi there champ!
Thanks for your comments on my blog <3
Not doing well so far on the 20lbs thing but hopefully getting on track now... Summer's only around the corner, LOL!
Go Susan Go!


Petraruns said...

This is your life now honey - you're doing amazingly packing it all in and doing all of this training! I'm with Susan here - you're number 1 - definitely.

Isaac is ADORABLE! Keep those photos coming.

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Thank you for your wonderful efforts

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Hello Susan - it's funny, I had to go "overseas" to Petraruns blog to find a MS blogger. Congrats on the community service and fitting it all in. Go Mom! (Hattiesburg)

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ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, I don't know how you can keep a spotless house with a small child around. Heck, I can't even do so no children around!

But so glad you guys had a chance to use Skype. I know how nice it is to be able to see someone when they travel often.

Congrats on your trophy!

Marathon Maritza said...

Sorry I'm so behind but I just read through all your new posts...phew, you are a busy gal!!

Congratulations on your graduation and all the good work you are doing in the community! And great job getting in your running and training amidst all the busy-ness! You are truly a role-model, you make me believe I can do it all once I have kids too. Yay you!

Anonymous said...

My wife is an expert architect, organizer, mommy, juggler, wife, and best friend. I am very proud of how he managed to accomplish so much when I'm lucky to remember where my phone is each morning.

Thank all of you for your support of her and...

thank you wifey for all that you have and are doing for Isaac and I.