Friday, June 25, 2010


It is with much joy that I just titled this post. Aaah, things have improved. Isaac is down to maybe one low fever per day (knock on wood), so his ear infection antibiotics must be working. As for me, I easily feel twice as good as I did earlier this week. That's quite a change!

We went out for just a walk yesterday morning, just because I had a major case of cabin fever. Man oh man - HOT HOT HOT. It is 80 degrees even before 8 AM, and it is 90 degrees even at 9 PM. Insanity! Needless to say, we didn't last long: 2.5 miles and I was dripping wet.

I hope to be able to do this weekend's prescribed speedwork. We shall see!


Jacky said...

So nice to hear you're all on the mend! I went running today after 8 days... boy did it feel good! Will blog about it tomorrow!
Take care!


Anonymous said...

It's so hard being sick when it's hot outside! Glad everyone is getting better!