Friday, July 02, 2010

If It Ain't One Thing...

... It's a bacterial infection in my left eye!

Trust me... this is a GOOD photo. See how puffy and red it is?

So on Monday my left eye started to get a bit red, which I thought was odd. By Thursday it was [pardon my descriptive nature] oozing gunk all night long and was sealed shut by the morning. Eeeew! So Isaac and I loaded up and headed straight to the eye doctor. Bam! Bacterial infection! How on earth??? And you can thank me later for not posting the pic from first thing in the morning! Triple eeeew!

So let's recap: last week I had a sinus infection with fluid in my ears, Isaac had an ear infection, and then on Friday I burned my finger on the oven. Aye aye aye! Now this! I have had just about enough.

Isaac's first time in a mini-van (and out of our cars, period).

Two sleepy boys... and we weren't even at the zoo yet!

My friend from Arkansas and her 9-month-old came to visit right after we got back from the eye doctor. I was glad, because I hate putting in eye drops. She helped! I have since had to "woman up" and do it myself when Chasen is not here. I have to do it four times per day.

Her boy has foam FANS on his stroller.

I am supposed to be doing a 20-miler tomorrow. Given how I feel (like my eye is oozing most of the time, which it is not, but the vision is sometimes cloudy) I am going to postpone for 48 hours, I think. I can make that happen because Chasen has Monday off work. Otherwise, I'd be up the creek! I don't think it is eye-related, but I have just been feeling worn-down, so I think 48 hours would do me good. My sore throat is slightly returning, also. Calgon, take me away!!!

More to come.


Petraruns said...

Oh sweetheart! That happens quite easily - I had a week or so ago and managed to pass it onto Sophia... Very contagious! I hope you are feeling better now.

Sounds like the 20miler might need to be postponed - don't run when you're SO run down. Just wait.. It'll come.

Jacky said...

Hi there! What a week... sometime the ball rolls that way but know what, it then starts rolling the other! Hang in there! Postponing them 20 miles would be smart, you don't want to over-do-it!
Take care and thanks for the comment on my blog... yes, I did it regardless!