Sunday, July 25, 2010

Waving The White Flag

Mother Nature, can't you cut me some slack? Apparently not.

So this past week I did what I said I'd do: I managed all of my mid-week runs (all two, mind you). I did them at 9 PM when it was still close to 90 degrees, yet the sun was down. I was wringing wet, yet happy to be accomplishing the training.

As I touched on in my previous post, this week was my church's "City Project Week." It is a week in which most everyone puts forth time and energy to helping fix up the homes of a few needy families, basically (to be brief - but it is SOOOOO much more that - but for the purpose of how it may have affected my running, let's stick with that description). Each day Isaac and I arrived at church at 8 AM (up and at em'!!!) where he spent time in the nursery with his second best gal (I am #1, just to be clear... ha!) until I picked him up again at 12:30. My site was the home of a single mother of four children who has terminal cancer. Oh the things I did! I dug a spot for new front porch steps, I dug earth for new planter beds (I am now a shoveling expert), I scraped glue off concrete floors (my least favorite task), I painted (always my favorite!), I cleaned cabinets, I stained cabinets, I cleaned a bathtub... I did a bit of everything, mostly outdoors in the heat. So each day I'd pick up Isaac completely filthy and wringing wet with sweat. Just lovely! So once we got home I'd get a quick shower and then we'd both nap for several hours. Then we'd all go to a dinner each night (out in the heat!) to talk about all of the projects. It was a GREAT week. For everything I put in, I got it back tenfold, as I was able to be present when the mom returned home to her newly repaired/spruced up house.

As this was all wrapping up, it was time for my 23 mile run. I prepared a jug of Perpetuem Endurance Fuel, which I had discovered via the Extra Mile Podcast. I thought it would solve all of my problems, as it actually has a higher protein content than my normal choice of hydration. I also prepared my new Brooks Defeyance 3 shoes - which are white with purple and plum trim. Look out world, the grape ape is comin' through!

Like I have harped about before, when the sun goes down is the ONLY time to run around here. So I began at about 9 PM, armed with many gels and a flashlight (which I didn't even need as my chosen path is extremely well lit). It was 86 degrees. I'll give you the short of it: it was soooooo dang muggy that I only made it one loop of 8.05 miles. And they were 15 minute miles. Yuck. I was just out there thinking "This is crazy. It's just too hot." So I QUIT. That's right, q-u-i-t. I feel bad about it, but I also feel good - and proud. I figuratively gave Mother Nature the bird and chose to get home to my air conditioned home and sleeping family in hopes of preserving my health. I hope I made the right choice.

I don't know, now, if I should attempt it next weekend or just stick to the plan and do the *gasp* 26-miler in a few more weeks (which will be followed a few weeks later by a 29-miler -- no joke). It's so hot... what's a girl to do?

The good news: even though I only went 8.05 miles, as far as I can tell the Perpetuem worked great. You see, normally I get hungry WAAAAAY before time to take a gel. While sipping Perpetuem (which is not nearly as refreshing/good as water or a typical sports drink, by the way) I felt 100% "full" the whole time. Thank you, protein! I will definitely use it again when I make it out next weekend, no matter what the distance may be.

I have resolved to never train for such an early fall marathon again. Chicago, you better be a humdinger!


Jacky said...

Know what Susan??? You're a champ from head to toes! You go girl! Glad the hydration worked! You'll rock that marathon I'm sure... I agree with you about training in the heat... it might be a "too early" fall marathon... I think I'd rather do one in the spring and train during the winter... I guess it all has advantatges and disadvantatges!
Great work on the house. I'm sure the lady was more than happy!
I think you made the absolutely right choice by stopping that run, there'll be more and you'll do just awesome!
Go Susan Go!

Heather said...

Susan, YOU ROCK! I'm glad you erred on the side of caution/safety and just gave mother nature the finger.

Jacky said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog Susan! You're a star!

lizzie lee said...

Susan....what temp do you have in the morning? I went yesterday for my 9 miler at 5:30 am as it was 55F. In the afternoon is between 75-85 too hot.... at night is dark and i just don't run at night.... Wow, and those long for sure are building great endurance...what plan is that with a 26 and a 29 miler?

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

Are you doing an Ultra? Why the 26 and 29 miles? How is Galloway working for you? I have been doing the run 5: walk 1 thing for a bit and am curious about trying it in a race..and next year, an Ultra...