Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Right

Real estate can be very interesting. Several days ago a couple who were supposed to be very interested in our home made an appointment to see it. We pulled out all the stops to prepare (I even baked cookies for them). They knew that we had a zero-lot-line patio home. Now, as this type home goes in my neighborhood, we have the largest back yard possible. It even has a mature tree perfect for a child's swing, and it provides some shade to our home, where as most other homes in this fairly new neighborhood have zero trees. Well, these empty-nesters decided not to show up because they determined that the yard would just be too small. Give me a break! Two days later someone else wanted to view our home. This lady supposedly fell in love with it until she opened the back door and saw the "huge" back yard. Holy moly! We seem to have a Goldilocks situation here... too small, too big... maybe the next one will think it is "just right."

Isaac went for his 18-month check-up this morning. Previously we were told that his height put him in the 97th percentile. He's no giant, but we took that as the gospel. Come to find out, I think they measured him incorrectly last time... either that or he has shrunk 3/4 of an inch since then. LOL - no wonder his height seemed so huge! I double checked when we got home and I completely agree with his current height of 33" which puts him in the 75th percentile. Previously his weight was 40th or 50th (I don't really recall). Today he was in the 60th percentile. I'd say that's also "just right." No complaints!

Mr. "Just Right" took his three immunizations like a man!

Isaac and I went out in the stroller early-ish on Tuesday and even though the temp was about 80 degrees (practically a cold front) I really, really struggled. Tonight I went out at dark in 85 degree weather and sailed! Just right!

I have an announcement of sorts. Someone in my household who has never birthed a baby and who is over 33" tall has decided to train for the St. Jude Half Marathon in December. Oh my! That same someone is on the treadmill right now following the Jeff Galloway method. I will keep you updated with the progress!


Anonymous said...

Isaac looks so "grown up" in that picture! Awww :)
Wow- another runner in the house- how exciting!

Jacky said...

Hopefully next people to see the house will find it just right, as you said. Good luck!
Issac's grown a lot. He's such a handsome little man too!
Wow... running a half... oh my!!! Congrats! That's soooooo cool!!!
Any kiddies race to go along? ;)

Petraruns said...

GREAT news about Chasen - that's lovely and SO supportive for you. Adam has just got on his bike to cycle to the gym (30M) and it really helps when they're on board like this.

As for your house - it will happen. I promise. All you need is ONE person to buy it.

PLANET3RRY said...

'bout time!

iRoy is getting so big! I'll have to dig around for some 2T clothes that we still have around here... apparently he won't be in them long...

I can now get kids sized shirts at races for The Elder