Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Met Jeff Galloway!

So there I was on Friday afternoon, about to head to pick up Isaac from Mother's Day Out when I decided to see what was going on in the world of Facebook. Out of the clear blue, with only one notification, it seemed that Jeff Galloway would be at my favorite running store in Memphis. OMG! I called Chasen and then Isaac and I made a beeline for the store. Oh how excited I was!

I arrived early, not knowing how traffic would be. I was in line at the register when in walked Mr. Galloway himself. Aaaaaaa! He spoke to the girl waiting to greet him and the proceeded to talk to everyone there like they were all old friends. Chasen soon arrived and so did my turn to talk with him. He was super nice, very friendly and personable. We talked about my training, the Extra Mile Podcast Experiment, Kevin... and he even asked if I had any questions for him. What a guy!

Jeff, Isaac, Susan... old friends! I made sure to get a photo for Kevin to see.

So this weekend, as a followup to last week's 24-miler, I was to do a mere 6 miles. What a vacation! I slept until 5:40 AM and was back home before 8 AM. Easy as pie! Next weekend I have 14 mile repeats with 5 minutes of walking in between. Yikes! Two weeks after that... it's game time.

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Jacky said...

Wow! You lucky girl! So glad you get to meet him!
How's training? Not long to go now!
I've signed up for a half... OMG... I've done it!
Cute little man you've got!
Go Susan Go!