Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mother's Day Out

Yesterday was Isaac's first day at Mother's Day Out. I had been looking forward to this day for over 26 weeks per my Baby Blues post written in March. Time alone is a much, much desired thing these days!

When we arrived (with swarms of others kiddos and moms) we went straight to his classroom where his sweet teacher was waiting, and he immediately went to the play kitchen area. He was already occupied!

Hey, tall girl, let me show you how to cook. I watch my mommy do it ALL THE TIME.

He would hardly pause his investigation of the new toys long enough to come take a picture with me, but I got one (minus his cute smile).

Hmm... I wonder if Mommy will start crying when she leaves here in a minute.

Next he went on to be his typical self and start getting into stuff. I told his teacher "He is a handful!"

Bad, bad iRoy Brown, baddest toddler in the whole dang town... (I crack myself up.)

I tried to "sneak out" but he caught me and we made eye contact just as I was closing the door. I skeedaddled out of there as quickly as I could without breaking into a run. I just hoped he wasn't throwing a fit.

I really should have gone home and went for a run, but I had some necessary errands to run. Then I proceeded to spend nearly every minute of my "time off" in front of the computer getting stuff done. I would have rather been relaxing, but this stuff had to be done. At least I could do it in peace!

In some ways, the 5 hours I spent away from Isaac went by rather slowly (a good thing) but on the other hand, it was approaching 2 PM before I knew it. I headed back to MDO and the parking lot was again packed. I sort of invented my own parking spot... I just HAD to get in there and scoop up my little guy! He saw me and came right to me. Awwww!

His teacher said that he did GREAT. She said he did not fuss one bit when I left and he acted like he had been coming there for ages. And she said he was no more of a handful than any of the other kids. Yay! He had a bit of trouble going down for his nap, but I anticipated that. And he had one accident in the play area, but hey - not a day goes by that I am not kissing boo-boo's!

He colored for the first time. Here is his masterpiece (which will stay on my fridge until our house has another showing):

My sweet baby boy, who is 19 months old today, did this. I love it!

So, Mother's Day Out is so far a big success. I hope Friday will be just as easy on him. It probably will be. And no, I did not cry. I was too giddy and proud. All I could do was smile.


Anonymous said...

That coloring is awesome! :)
So glad he had a good time.

lizzie lee said...

I love: "I wonder if Mommy will start crying when she leaves here in a minute."

Congrats on a successful first MDO....