Monday, October 04, 2010

All The Single Ladies!

[enter Beyonce] So now I am a not quite a "single lady" so much as a "single mother." There is quite a difference, I assure you. None the less, we got Chasen to the airport this morning without much fuss.

If I had slipped Isaac into that big suitcase, I could have been a single lady after all!

My boys inspect the suitcase and the carry-on.

As I type this Chasen is en route to Brussels, Belgium. He flew from Memphis to New York City already. He will arrive in Brussels after I am asleep and before I wake he will be on another plane to Delhi, India. He'll be flying 18 of 25 hours. Yikes!

Isaac and I have been keeping busy. One way to do so was making the house spotless because the people interested in purchasing it wanted to come back yet again, but this time with their tape measures. It's down to us and another, smaller house. However, the smaller house has a finished attic space. We do not. But we have a bigger downstairs! We shall see. I should hopefully know something tomorrow. Please say a prayer that we "win." Being down to one mortgage again would be amazing. I could actually breathe!

My goal is to try to post several times this week. I want to keep everyone updated on Chasen's travels, this house, AND my preparation for Chicago. It's getting very, very close!


Anonymous said...

Chicago IS coming up pretty close, huh? Funny how these races sneak up on us!

Petraruns said...

You have SO much on my sweetheart! I am so excited for you on the whole Chicago thing! And crossing my fingers on the house thing...

PLANET3RRY said...

Chasen is the globetrotter these days! Woah!