Friday, October 08, 2010

TGIF (Thank Galloway It's Finished)

Oh happy day - tomorrow I leave for Chicago! I had yet another busy, hectic day, but I just tried to keep positive and focus on the fact that my very long journey (23 weeks, to be exact, 366 miles covered) to the Chicago Marathon was nearly complete.

All of this marathon talk is really wearing me out.

Isaac has Mother's Day Out today. Thank goodness, because the home inspection for our current home was at noon (when he'd usually be asleep here). So I headed out and handled some errands. We just hung out this afternoon and waited for 5 o'clock to get here so I could turn off my crock pot and then head out for my FINAL bit of training (an "easy walk").

It's roasting hot out here, but at least I have The Cat In The Hat with me.

Next was dinner. My guy just LOVES lasagna! I have a really good crock pot recipe that will feed an army of hungry toddlers.

Of course, the entire world still gets dirty after a plate of lasagna meets Isaac.

I got to very briefly Skype with Chasen today. He is now in Yantai, China. Tomorrow he will drive to Qingdao, and while I am flying home to Memphis he will be flying to Wenzhou. The next time we will be able to Skype will be Monday at best. :(

I am all packed up and ready to go. The weather is supposed to be rather warm. Yuck. Oh well - I've put in the time... now I just gotta do the crime!


Anonymous said...

So excited for you! Good luck and have fun! You've earned it!

Jacky said...

GOOD LUCK SUSAN!!! Woohoo! It's 10/10/10... can't wait for my mobile to start sending me messages... I'm sooooooooooooo excited! Just hope my foot is better soon so I can get out there... I miss it so much (so does my temper...)
Have fun! can't wait to hear all about it!
Thinking of you!

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