Thursday, October 07, 2010

Almost Ready

Phew - the fun and games are over. Today was very hectic. It started off well enough with Isaac and I going out for my final pre-Chicago longrun (30 minutes worth). When it was done I calculated my training totals: 363.30 miles. I have one "easy walk" to go tomorrow. Yay!

After that I needed to clean our filthy shower. I strapped Isaac in his rocker-seat and turned on Sesame Street. The next thing I knew, he was fast asleep because it took much longer than I thought it would. The good news is that I discovered our shower is actually white, not almond. Ha! The bad news is that he got off his lunch and nap schedule, thus I once again did not get to rest. Ick. Oh and guess what else - the buyers of our house want to do the home inspection tomorrow, which was to be my only chance for a leisurely nap while Isaac is at Mother's Day Out. Oh well - we gotta sell this house! I'll just have to do my Chicago packing and then get out for a few hours so they can have it inspected.

Chasen arrived in Shaghai, China without incident, although he did say that the 6-hour flight was awful. We got to Skype and he showed me his Chinese Coca Cola.

He was able to print, sign, scan and email the house papers from India before he left. Gotta love modern technology!

So this afternoon Isaac and I ran errands and tried to stay busy at home. It didn't quite work as, like I said, we had our most hectic/worst day yet. I blame the fact that I let him go to sleep way too early thus not allowing myself to have a break. Oh well - you live and you learn.

We did finally try on his Spiderman costume for Halloween. It is perfect!

He'll have nothing of the cap and "eyes" band. Oh well - this is cute enough.

My sweet boy - I just love those 16 teeth.

Late afternoon I started to prepare Shepherd's Pie for his dinner and weekend leftovers (tomorrow I will make crock pot lasagna for our dinner and his weekend leftovers). His amazing babysitter Natasha arrived and I headed off to 80's themed bunco. This mommy definitely needed a night out!

Like my 80's look? I purchased it all at the Goodwill for less than $20.

Oh I had fun! And now I have 24 more hours or thereabouts to get all ready and packed for Chicago, as well as get Isaac and our home ready for Natasha the sitter and me being away. Busy fun!

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