Wednesday, October 06, 2010

You Ate What?

Another great day! Isaac and I hit the day head on and didn't waste time. We met a friend at Starbucks at 8:30 AM. Then we came home to play for a bit before heading to the city park to meet with the mommy group.

Isaac participates in a meeting of the minds.

He really is fearless up there... unfortunately.

This looks like toddler jail. But it's not!

We flew home from the park to be able to Skype with Chasen before nap time. That didn't happen because Chasen was being wined and dined in a glitzy mall in Delhi. I am proud to announce that he tried all Indian foods and exotic fruits! My husband is one who generally thinks fruit is only meant for pies. Ha! However, for lunch he was taken to McDonald's! He had a Big Maharaja, fries and Coke. Go figure. We finally got to Skype a few hours later. And Isaac and I filled our afternoon with errands as today is a rest day from running.

We got the offer on our house all counter-offered and settled today. My signed documents have been emailed to Chasen for his signature. We just Skyped this evening and he was going to try to get them scanned and returned before he flies to Shanghai, China in a few hours. Man oh man - what a life!


Anonymous said...

Isaac looks pretty happy at the park! Boy, you guys are super busy these days. Congrats on the house!

Heather said...

Congrats on the house offer! That is great news!!!!! How awesome that this all happened before you head off for the marathon?!?! -Heather