Monday, November 29, 2010

Almost In The Spirit

I have to be honest... I am not yet in the Christmas spirit. I have not yet located my Elvis Christmas CD, for one thing (a sure fire way to make me jolly!) For another thing, we did not put up our tree and decorations yet because we had a humdinger of a weekend. And because we are "scaling back," somewhat, to be make for a brighter 2011, I made the executive decision weeks ago to not send out any Christmas cards this year, simply because they can be so costly (if you get the nice ones, which I like to do). That's a bummer, because I love sending AND receiving Christmas cards. Well... it looks like I may have found a way! A friend alerted me to the fact that Shutterfly is offering a wonderful deal! In exchange for a blog post (which you are now reading) Shutterfly will give out 50 free Christmas cards! How wonderful! I know they will be very high-quality cards, because we used them last year when our card also served as a birth announcement for Isaac.

So here are my contenders:

This one is called "Retro Kaleidoscope."

This one is called "Vintage Noel." I think Chasen would pick this one.

This one is called "Scrapbook Style Blue."

I am super excited about this opportunity from Shutterfly! If you'd like to try for 50 free cards, click here. Good luck! Ho ho ho!

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lizzie lee said...

Because I am a "scrapbooker" I gotta say my favorite is the Scrapbook Style Blue...

The regular station that starts playing Xmas music here after Thanksgiving started by the 14th this year... So I was very happy about it... Listening Xmas music for 3 weeks now!!!