Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where Have I Been?

I have been all over the place AND my laptop bit the dust. Thus, no blogging. I am composing this post from Chasen's laptop sans pictures, which makes for a boring post. But bear with me!

Last weekend I went to Daytona Beach, Florida for the AMAZING Mojo Loco relay race. It was incredible to meet so many of my fellow runners from across the country! The team consisted of:
Maddy (Florida)
Adam "Zen Runner" (Florida)
Norman (Florida)
Matt "Crazy Runner" (Florida)
Marathon Chris (Florida)
Steve Runner (Massachusetts)
Chris Russell (Massachusetts)
Nik (Massachusetts)
Dan (Massachusetts)
Samantha (Georgia)
Eddie Marathon (Michigan)
Steve Chopper (England - yes, just for the weekend!)
me (Mississippi)

Oh what fun we had! We all met in Daytona and carpooled to St. Augustine. From there we ran in teams of 3-4 for four miles each leg. We made it about 50 miles that way back to Daytona. We each got to run 3+ times. It was wonderful to get to run with so many different people! And every move we made (literally) was recorded either by audio or video, so the upcoming podcasts of the afore mentioned people ought to be interesting! We celebrated with a big, group dinner that evening. Oh what fun! I am soooooo in for next year!

My training for the Cowtown Marathon is going decently. I was derailed a bit by some sore ears and an incredibly painful throat (drainage issues - eeeeew!) but am on the mend. I also saw an orthopedist for my hip pain. He said I had the hip bones of a 25 year old! (I'm 36.) So I chose not to have an MRI and opted to try some yoga to help my muscles. Fingers crossed.

And my laptop. Ah, I feel a bit lost without it, but it got sent off to Sony today (thank heavens I bought an extended warranty). Here's hoping it returns to me soon! I have to blog, after all!


Petraruns said...

I am SO jealous of your MojoLoco experience! But not of your hip and laptop issues - hope the yoga sorts the former and Sony the latter...

Keep it up - that longer midweek mileage will pay dividends I promise!

Jacky said...

I've missed you! Glad to have you back!
The MojoLoco sounds great! Wish I could do something like that some day!
Hope your hips give you a break!