Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back At It!

Once I made the decision to train for the Cowtown Marathon, of course I pondered how I'd train for it. With careful consideration I decided to use a plan from one of my favorite running books, as I have previously mentioned, but I altered it a bit to fit my lifestyle. It looks something like this:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 6-8 mile pace workout (read: SPEED) either at the track or on the treadmill while Isaac is at Mother's Day Out (i.e. get it done early in the day)
Wednesday: 3-4 easy miles (probably with Isaac in our hilly neighborhood)
Thursday: 6-8 mile stride workout (read: SPEED) on the treadmill as Isaac naps OR on the treadmill after Isaac goes to bed
Friday: rest
Saturday: longrun
Sunday: 3 mile recovery run

I am liking this plan so far (of course I have only been doing it for a week). I have also decided to participate in the Hard CORE Club challenge. It's always something! It's always something with our house, also. So last night I finally figured out how I would display all of Isaac's artwork from Mother's Day Out:

Our kitchen is Isaac's very first art gallery! I used very small wire and mini-clothespins.

And here is Isaac's very first "school picture" from Mother's Day Out (taken one month ago).

I think rather than purchasing a bigger cork board to display my growing number of race bibs, I'll do my own "art gallery" in my home office. It's certainly the economic way to go!


Jacky said...

The plan sounds/looks perfect!
You're such a hero!
Isaac looks great in his school pic. I am looking to run my first half either on Feb. 6th, Feb. 13th or March 20th... we'll see what my PT says!
Go Susan Go!
Love the way you hang all of Isaac's artwork. Good idea to do the same with your bibs!

lizzie lee said...

Susan... how big Isaac looks in that picture. Awesome, a little young man... As I mentioned in FB, the art gallery is SUPER lovely... great idea, very clever... And it seems you and I are hand to hand with marathons. I am going also for my fifth, in January....Great plan. Similar to mine with the difference of Wed.. I like a ZERO that day!!! besos mil!!!

Anonymous said...

The picture gallery looks terrific- what a great idea!
That Isaac cannot be the baby I remember from earlier pictures- wow! Time flies!

Petraruns said...

Love the gallery and little Isaac - what a gorgeous pic.