Friday, November 19, 2010

Scared. To. Death.

Last night Isaac was eating some snacks in his high chair as I was prepping dinner right before we went to pick up Chasen from the airport. The next thing I knew, my rambunctious little boy had pushed himself backward and fell to the floor while strapped into the chair. Aaaaack! My first emotion, for a split second, was anger. He is always doing something! But then, of course, I got really scared. He was screaming and crying as I picked him up, unstrapped him, and checked him out. No blood!

After about a minute of calming him down, he quieted. And then he spent about the unhappiest 10 minutes of his whole 21 month old life. His head must have been hurting him soooo badly. Next thing I knew, he threw up. Uh oh! At that point I was focused on the mess. Yuck. We had to go to the airport and now I had to give him a bath. A few minutes later he was cleaned up and in PJ's. Off we went.

I do have some sense, so I made a call to the pediatrician's office (after hours, of course). The on-call nurse said he better go get checked out as throwing up after a head injury could mean a concussion. OMG! I did not know that. I was told where to go (an after-hours type place). I decided to call some pediatrician friends from church at home. The suspicion was backed up, yet I was told to go to a specific ER. Uh oh.

We picked up Chasen and off we went.

Here is Isaac trying to tear up the waiting room in his pajamas from Japan.

It didn't take them long to call us back at all. Yay! I just knew he was OK, but obviously it's better to be safe than sorry. Especially when the doc said he had seen several kids who seemed OK and then turned out to have concussions. Yikes!

First hospital bracelet since he was born. :(

The doc said he would indeed need a CT scan. I quickly asked if he would be sedated, because there was NO WAY my guy would lie still. He said no. Well, this ought to be interesting...

Chasen, Isaac in a peach hospital gown, and the good ole Cat in the Hat.

Getting his pulse/ox checked like a champ. By far the easiest part of the night!

Holding Isaac down for the CT scan was like something out of a horror movie. He squirmed so much that the first traumatic session wasn't good enough. So we had to go back for round two. Aye aye aye! That time the nurse tried to sort of tape his head down. No dice. We just had to put a death grip on him (face, hands, chest, legs). A nightmare. But better safe than sorry. The results were A-OK. Thank God!

Daddy, it's way past my bedtime and these people won't let me eat. Let's sneak out...

We got home at 10:45 PM. That is close to 4 hours past Isaac's bedtime. He slept well, and I was up early hawking over him just listening to him breathe. As the title of this post says, I was scared to death of what could have been. I definitely don't want to go to another ER for a long time!


Anonymous said...

Oh, man- so glad he is okay! Whew! I HATE when things like that happen. Feel so helpless and scared. Isaac was a trooper and so are you and Chasen!

Jacky said...

Oh Susan, how scary! Glad all turned out ok. He's a strong guy, just like mommy!

Susan K. said...

wow...I am SO glad that everything is ok!

Never a dull moment when you're a parent... Hang in there, SS.