Monday, November 01, 2010

Thank Heaven For November

I am sitting here with a nice glass of malbec wondering where to even begin. In true Type A fashion, I'll just start from the beginning. I will try to recap my post-marathon October (a doozy of a three weeks).

As most of you know from my Facebook page, Chasen indeed made it home from Asia in one piece! Isaac and I went to the airport in plenty of time to be front and center for him to come out of the secured area.

In spite of the fact that I seem only interested in my juice, I can't wait to see my Daddy!

Reunited and it feels so good!

Oh it was sooooo nice to have Chasen home! While I feel that I did a bang-up job of holding the fort down while he was gone (and selling our house!), I would NOT want to do it full time.

Isaac models his new pajamas from Shanghai, China.

As I said, he sure was happy to see his Daddy!

The next two days we were super busy with a church project. We (Chasen and I) were to power wash an elderly lady's front deck and apply a sealer to it. Yours truly was doubled over in pain. A trip to the doc revealed that I had both a bladder infection and a calcium deficiency (thus too much painful stomach acid). Some meds fixed me right up!

Within a week's time, jet lagged Chasen and I were moving. No joke. Packing up, heading out. It took seven people four hours to move all of our "big stuff." Chasen and I had moved tons of boxes the day before. When it was all said and done, Chasen was so ill (cold/sinus/allergy type stuff) that we skipped church and went to the emergency clinic where he was given FOUR prescriptions. Ouch.

Next: Halloween week! Isaac and I attended two get-togethers in addition to the traditional trick-or-treating.

Mommy group Halloween party. These are my besties!

At another soiree, all Spidey wanted to do was play with sharp metal objects. Aye aye aye!

Oh yes, did I mention that we got to tour a fire station? Life is good. (and busy...)

Halloween night: Spidey and I painted the old neighborhood red!

Yes, I like candy... you got a problem with that?

As I type this we have been in the new house for 10 days. It would be in tip top shape IF we didn't have to lay some new flooring in the dining room and entryway. That project has totally consumed us, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Beautiful Brazilian Koa engineered hardwoods.

We have to put down quarter round trim (which I was just out painting) and install thresholds, and then we can move in the furniture. DIY projects and toddlers do NOT mix... so we have been primarily working when Isaac goes to bed at night. We are oh so tired! And SORE. I am here to tell you... this has taken A LOT out of me. Much more than running a marathon. But I didn't train for this for months on end!

Needless to say, I am soooooo glad October is done. November will be a much, much calmer month. I haven't run a step since Chicago, but that is about to change. After all, I have the Mojo Loco in less than 6 weeks!
Thank you, dear friends, for keeping up with me! I am back in the saddle now.


Petraruns said...

Hey girl, cut yourself some slack - you've HARDLY been sitting on your behind while not running... Your new flooring looks beautiful and you're making BIG progress.

Jacky said...

Wow, you're a busy woman! Hope November settles and you get a rest! Taking a break from running after a marathon is good I think but you have NOT stopped so I think it's another kind of training too!