Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting In Gear

Well, I am ashamed. Yes - ashamed! I have not posted anything new in *gasp* three weeks. The problem is that I always aim to do it after my longrun on Saturdays, then I get busy, then I claim I'll do it Saturday night... and the next thing I know it's Sunday and I'm sort of "over it." Oh well - onward and upward! But first let's do a quick review...

Week 1: I went on strike from running (yes, I did) because it was just too dang cold. I logged 2.77 miles for the week pre-longrun. Then came a cold, yet speedy 12 miler. I averaged 12:32 per mile (that's right on target for my current "dream" marathon pace). Funny... two weeks later I don't recall it being that stellar. This is why doing a "review" is sometimes a good thing.

Week 2: I had a nice recovery run and then did an 8 mile pace workout... and then apparently I went back on strike. Yeesh - not good. In hindsight, Isaac and other things had me completely stressed out. And we've been battling snow showers about once per week nearly all of January and just let me say that we are soooooo over it. Come on, spring! That Saturday I trekked to Shelby Farms (a first for me) to attempt a 20 miler (the first one this season for me). Um... err... I failed. I logged 8.05 miles and threw in the towel. I won't even bore you with my list of excuses.

Week 3: Redemption time! Oh what a week I had! It started off with a bang as I had a very speedy recovery run (hey - it just happened, people). Next I had a decent pace workout on the treadmill (it was raining) as Isaac was back at Mother's Day Out for the first time in SEVEN WEEKS. Aye aye aye! Then I had an awesome easy run during his naptime (again, treadmill + baby monitor). And then - I burned up the streets with a spectacular 8 mile speed session! I really did. And then came my longrun... you're on the edge of your seat, aren't you? I plotted a NEW course so as to avoid the typical out-and-back on the main drag. I did that to avoid boredom AND to attemt to avoid having fifty people at church on Sunday say "Hey, I saw you out running!" Well, I failed in that department. But then I thought about it a bit and realized that if I am so visible out there, it's a good thing. I am setting a good example, I hope! So - back to the longrun. Man oh man - it was H-I-L-L-Y. The first five miles (of the 15) were in the 13's, which is FINE, especially considering the hills. The second five miles were in the mid-to-high 12's. Whaaaaa? And the final five miles got a tiny bit faster. Holy moly! And that was with hills! I was shocked. My average pace was 12:54, which is ideal for training, especially with hills. Go me! I logged 37.89 miles last week. :)

The Cowtown Marathon is four weeks form today and I am ready to show Texas how this transplanted Arkansan does things!


Heather said...

Welcome Back! We missed you! =) Glad to hear you are doing well and training is going good. Can't believe only 4 more weeks until Cowtown. Where has time gone all of a sudden? Can't believe tomorrow is Feb 1st! My walking not so good either. The weather has been awful and we are preparing for more the next 3 days.

Petraruns said...

YOu've done SO well and so improved your paces this training cycle - your occasional rests don't seem to be impacting it at all. How's your hip / ankle / any other soreness?

Keep it girl - you're going to show those Texans how to DO this thing!

lizzie lee said...

Always have loved your spirit... yes, Texans, get out of her way!!!

Jacky said...

Susan, you're AMAZING! WTG girl!