Sunday, January 09, 2011

Oh Poop!

The highlight of my week was... um... err... gross. Even though our schedule has not changed one bit, Isaac has been off his napping schedule ever since Christmas. He naps super late now, which throws off my typical running routine (which is about to change, anyway, since Mother's Day Out starts back up this week, thank God). Some days I am not sure he naps at all. He just thrashes about in his crib. Well... on Thursday I was running on the treadmill with the baby monitor right beside me. Isaac never went to sleep, exactly, but he was playing upstairs in his crib. With 3/4 of a mile to go, he started to really fuss, so I cut it short and came inside. Grrr! The next thing I knew he was fast asleep. Figures! But silence at last! So I sat down to have so lunch (albeit late).

Within ten minutes the smell of a dirty diaper permeated the ceiling and was all around me. "Well great," I thought, "I'm going to have to wake him and change him. As I walked up the stairs the smell got worse and worse and I heard him. He was awake. I walked in to see a horrific sight. That little devil had taken OFF his diaper and had rubbed it everywhere. Ugghhhhh! I was horrified. It was all over his hands and he had mild poop breath (he had at least wiped it on his nose, anyway). I immediately called Chasen, in a mild state of panic, and demanded that he come home. I called the pediatrician and left an awkward message "My son may have eaten poop... please call me back." And we both went straight to the shower.

As we were getting out and getting dressed, Chasen arrived, claiming that Isaac is now the hit of his workplace. Ha! He went upstairs and cleaned it ALL up (God bless him). And the nurse who called me back said that as long as it was HIS poop, we'd be OK. Odd, but good to hear.

Well guess what happened the very next day on my rest day from running? Yep, round two. I didn't insist that Chasen come home when I called him as, sadly, this is now old news. But I did call. And the coworkers again got a laugh. But this time his bed was MUCH worse. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Thank heaven for Clorox wipes!

I got to thinking about it, and I decided that Isaac needed an obstacle between him and his diaper. Here is my so-far-so-good solution: big boy undies.

This is also good to get him prepared for potty training sometime this year.

So, I had a "crappy" week. You can thank me later for sparing you from the photos of the poop mess. But another good discovery was made, in addition to the big boy undies (which are darn cute). My right ankle is much more fond of running on the road than the treadmill, come to find out. Since Isaac's Mother's Day Out is starting back up this week, I will have more of an opportunity to hit the asphalt.

Now onto the crappy longrun. I was to do 18 miles, which is no walk in the park, especially for someone who has not slept well all week (except the one night I had a margarita). I didn't start at 6 AM like I had anticipated on Saturday. When I woke at 5 AM, I thought "Why am I up so early? There's no need to be." And I went back to sleep. I got started just before 9 AM. I was definitely not as speedy as I have been for the past two longruns, but I knew I had a long out-and-back ahead of me. Chasen and Isaac visited me at mile 9. I was, apparently, looking "good, happy and strong." Well, that's not how I felt. But I knew I just had to get back home. I could do that, right?

At mile 12 I exchanged water bottles (they had planted one for me at our church). By mile 15 I sat down (always a mistake). It was super sunny, super windy and, thus, super cold. I was exhausted and frozen. My quads were toast. I tried to call Chasen for a rescue, but he did not answer. I figured he was putting Isaac down for his nap. Grrr! So I went on to mile 16 and kept trying to call. I was solely walking by this point and desperately wanting someone I knew to drive by. Where were all of the people who always tell me "I saw you out running on Saturday!" I didn't see a single soul I knew. I even called two different friends who also did not pick up. Ugh. I finally got Chasen and Isaac was indeed asleep. Yuck.

I walked all the way home. So, 15 miles slogged and 3 miles walked (quickly, to my surprise, as in under 18 minutes per mile each). Actually, it turned out to be 18.45 miles. The average pace was 13:53 and I hurt from the waist down. The roller ball and ice bath were beyond necessary! Today I am 100%. Gotta love the ice bath!

The Cowtown Marathon is seven weeks from today. My remaining longruns look something like this: 12, 20-22, 15, 20, 10k race, 10. Lots of miles ahead of me!

Now for a look at life after Cowtown. I aim to try my first sprint triathlon at the end of May (a local one). Then in June I plan to do the Mojo St Loco relay race in St. Louis, Missouri. In July I am going to be the MATRON OF HONOR in a wedding in Chicago! Here is a red version of my pale yellow dress modeled by a younger, slimmer gal:

Gorgeous, huh? I must work out tons between now and then!!!

There ya have it. Gotta get going! Life waits for no one, not even a poop cleaning marathoner mom.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I can't imagine the poop episodes there! I remember the time my husband once changed the poopy diaper of our youngest on the bedroom floor, setting the dirty diaper to the side as he reached for the wipes. Our daughter, 15 months older than baby brother, accidentally stepped into the poopy diaper. When my husband saw what happened, he said "Wait!" and she freaked out and ran away. Yep, that's right. Poop tracks through the house.
Hang in there...I'm sure the next long run will go better (Although I'm impressed with your fast walking pace!)

Jasmean Yap said...

Shawn said...

According to Freud's theories of "anal expressivity," you might have a little Picasso on your hands! I happen to run an organization that uses art, performance and humor to break through cultural taboos and get people thinking seriously about the potty: The People's Own Organic Power Project ( Auto-coprophagia (the technical term for ingesting one's own doo) isn't going to kill you, since the bacteria are already in your body. Exposure to someone else's poop is quite harmful, however, and a leading cause of death for the 42% of the world without safe toilets. Turns out there's a lot going on underneath those big boy briefs!

Jacky said...

LOL Susan... poop is gross but when explained by someone else, it's funny... Luckily, my kids haven't done that. But I have kids at school that poop and spread it all over... when you stick your hand in that (not even your own child's poop) well... I guess no comment needed, right??? LOL!
I still think you did great on your run! You're a champ and you'll rock Cowtown! I have decided to run my first Half on Feb 6th unless Paula's competing at the same time (she competes that weekend, still don't know where or the exact time), so... I might be less than a month away from being a half marathoner, yikes!
Love your dress... you'll look great in it!
Keep it up Susan!

lizzie lee said...

SUSAN!!! What a poop story... I had to laugh I confess, sweet hubby of yours to clean all the mess! And your 16 miler was not bad at all, remember the important thing is to cover the distance.

Gorgeous dress, waiting to see the wedding pix...


Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sorry but I just had to chuckle. All of my friends with kids that age have had that happen at one time or another. But still so gross! Good idea with the big boy undes! Hang in there!!!!

Molly said...

Oh! The poop! What a story! LOL -Molly

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A Nest in the Making said...

This is probably really weird, but I am. Huge fan of your blog. I started reading it when I had my son last February. I started with your pregnancy and got caught up on those sleepless nights. I don't remember who told me about your blog but you were duh a huge inspiration when I started rubbing again.

This part is probably weirder, but I live in fort worth. I would be honored for the chance to meet you while you are in town. If that is too weird, I totally get it. But you have been such an inspiration and knowing you are going to be in own I had to ask.

Running Around the Kitchen said...

I did my first Sprint Tri in October and absolutely LOVED it! I plan on doing another one this summer and maybe one in the fall. Good Luck! I am sure you will have a blast.

Marathon Maritza said...

Oh my gosh, I died at the poopnanigans! Hilarious, though surely not at the time. Just think of the embarrassing stories you can tell though when he is older. :)

Great long run, you got out there and got it done!