Saturday, February 12, 2011

Isaac's Second Birthday Celebration

Today we had Isaac's birthday party! I can't believe that in a few short days he will be two years old. Time flies. Here is the invitation I crafted for him. The Cat In The Hat is his main man!

I am quite proud of my clever wording. I had a bit of help, I have to admit.

I made Cat In The Hat cupcakes. I got the idea from a blog. Can you imagine life without Google?

Here is a closeup of the super easy cupcakes. The hats were made partially of marshmallows.

Every party needs a signature drink. Here are some cat-tini's (Cherry Sprite with a cherry). My idea!

We had, including Isaac, TWENTY little ones at our house this morning. Would you believe that there was not one drop of red icing or juice box or cat-tini found on the carpet? Not a drop!

In the following photo, the unimaginable happened. I got out a blanket and said "OK kids, everyone come get on the red blanket." And they actually did it! It was my ploy to get a group photo. It worked! Now, I didn't say there were all still and posing... we're talking about 2-year-olds here, people!

It's like herding cats... but the blanket also served as a place to eat. No spills on the carpet!

Isaac chose to eat at the table. Fine by me!

His friend Isabel sang happy birthday to him all by herself. How sweet!

Gettin' after it!

After the cupcakes and juice boxes, we all put our coats on and headed out to our big back yard. The kids ran off some of that sugar, and the parents probably appreciated that. Slowly everyone started to pack up and go home. It is amazing, though, how tired a parent can become after putting on a mere, simple two-hour party. Yikes! But it was wonderful and I am excited for his actual birthday on Tuesday. I have more [simple] baking to do! :)


Running Mommy said...

Love the cupcakes! My five year old loves the Cat-in-the Hat cartoon on PBS. I might have to try your party theme this summer!

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