Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Own 10k

After coming down with a head/sinus cold last weekend, I decided that some time off was in order. Believe it or not, I took eight straight days off from running. Yikes! I am feeling MUCH better, so it was high time to get back on schedule. I was to do a 10k race this weekend, but the only available one was yesterday morning when Isaac's party was to be. What to do?

I weighed my options. I even tried to get a friend to run with me. She's faster than me, so trying to keep up with her would be like a race. Ha! She wasn't available, so I just decided to go it on my own. After a post-church nap on all our behalf's, I got ready and headed out. I was going to run from our home to our church, which is nearly a perfect 10k distance. Chasen and his mother (who is visiting for Isaac's birthday weekend) loaded up Isaac and proceeded to track me along the way.

Isaac loves to watch Mommy run! Awww - that boy sure is sweet.

I did pretty well out there. The weather was just under 60 degrees (gasp! we had 4+ inches of snow just 5 days ago...) so this was my first outdoor run in ages that required nothing more than shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. My goal was to stay sub-12. Overall, I did it!

Mile 1 - 11:14 (no walking break)
Mile 2 - 11:33 (.05 mile walking break)
Mile 3 - 11:16 (.05 mile walking break)
Mile 4 - 12:23 (.05 mile walking break, plus lots of hills)
Mile 5 - 11:42 (.05 mile walking break - nearly done!)
Mile 6 - 11:31 (.05 mile walking break - the church is in sight!)
Mile 6.2 - 2:21 (yes, .05 mile walking break then a speedy finish)
Total - 1:12:03
Average - 11:37 per mile (nearly a minute faster than dream goal marathon pace)

This time two weeks from now I will be on a plane heading home from the Cowtown Marathon. Wow - it's nearly here and I do feel ready. Piece of Cat In The Hat cupcake!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe it is already almost time! Eek! But you are ready! You've put in the training and you're taking care of yourself. So glad you're feeling healthy again!

Heather said...

YOU ROCK!!!!! =)

lizzie lee said...

That was awesome. I have done that a couple of times (a 5K and a half) and ran way better than if just doing a run.

Isaac seems fascinated watching mama running. And the cupcakes were awesome. You have a gift. I am so bad for culinary arts. My daughter saw them and said: I wish I could have one....

Wish you the best in Cowtown....

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you are awsome.