Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Oh what a big week! I tell ya... once you have a child, a one-day holiday morphs its way into an entire week. Isaac had THREE Easter egg hunts this week, plus the one we did at our home today. Yeesh! Specifically he had one at each of his Mother's Day Out programs, plus a full-blown Easter party through my "mommy group." That's a LOT of plastic eggs and empty calories. No wonder this country is obese.

Here Isaac eats "cheesy poofs" at the Easter party. He's never had those before.

Table full of toddlers. Oh the cameras were snapping!

Isaac only wanted to do a small bit of coloring. That's how he rolls.

It had stormed, so the kids hunted eggs in this church's sanctuary. Here, they wait to go in.

Some DUMMY brought confetti eggs. Heaven help us all...

Isaac had a great time. Here he naps on the way home with his BFF "stinky dog."

I gave Isaac about 2-3 pieces of candy per egg hunt, and that's it. And silly me gave up sweets for Lent. Man oh man - it has been a challenge. So very little sugar was consumed around here until midnight. And then... it was ON! I practically tackled Chasen on my way to the stash of the "good stuff" Isaac collected all week. Mmm mmm mmm! That's a tasty way to officially ring in Easter!

Here is Isaac, all ready for church. I actually had to iron that shirt. Ugh!

Here Isaac pretends to be a Rockette. Ha! I must say, he's a pretty cute one.

Mr. Serious is thinking "Stop with the pictures and let's go to church! I have people to see!"

Isaac and Daddy at the Easter Brunch. Two sharp dressed men!

Isaac and Mommy -- true love, what can I say?

Here we are right before the amazing service began. We LOVE our church.

After lunch we had an empty egg hunt. Isaac is now a hunting eggspert. :)

I am so proud of that head of hair - I admit.

Isaac would rather pick up sticks than eggs, though. We had a storm recently.

And he's proud of it, too. The boy loves to be out in the yard.

Yard man for hire! He'll work for milk and goldfish crackers!

Our Easter will wrap up with a good meal (ham, mashed potatoes, vegetables, rolls) and more fun with Isaac. A great day all around!


Irish Blue said...

Wow, I can't believe how big he is! You all look wonderful. Love Stinky Dog!

Anonymous said...

What a good looking family! Glad you guys had a great Easter week! (1st cheese poof! How cute is that?!)

Heather said...

Look at that little man! How did he get so big so fast?!?! And you all look fabulous! Great dress btw!!!

Anonymous said...

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