Monday, May 30, 2011

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Hello stranger! That's probably what you're saying to me, as it has been a while since my last post. Needless to say, I made the most of my time off from running. Busy, busy, busy. It reminds me of when people ask how on earth I find time to go running and I say "Well, I make it a priority. And when I am not running, life is just as busy and goes by just as quickly." So true!

I have a 5k this Friday night. I am not excited about it, because it means I had to end my running sabbatical earlier than I had wanted to. But, I took 25 straight days off from running, and there's something to be said for that. It was long enough for being a "lazy glutton," which is how I describe my non-running self. I have accomplished two short runs (like, 2 miles...) and a short walk, all with Isaac. I'll do one more prior to the 5k, which I am only doing because I promised a friend from church. Then, back to the sabbatical!

How will I keep myself from being a lazy glutton, you ask? I have decided to give P90X another dance! I am extremely excited about it. The last time I attempted it, I made it only about 5 weeks because I was trying to do it in combination with marathon training. That was waaaaay too much to put on myself. I feel that I will succeed this time because I am devoting myself to it. Solely. Yay!

As much as I would like to do it in my nice, air-conditioned home, generally two workout dvd's per week require me to attempt to do some pull-ups (pray for me!) and I have to do those in "the dungeon," which is the extra room in our garage. It has always housed my dear Teddy Tready (who has collected much dust since the winter came and went) and a whole bunch of other "junk." It has also been home to dust, dirt, bugs, etc. Ick!

Today, "the dungeon" got a makeover. Chasen and I took most of the stuff out (except for heavy Teddy Tready and the pull-up apparatus) and swept/blew it out. Then we laid down an old rug (which was headed for the dumpster, so we gave it a "new life") to put under my cushioned mats. After that, we just arranged it all in a much more efficient manner. Take a look:

Looking west: "P90X corner" complete with rug and cushioned mats. And pull-up apparatus.

Bird's eye view of the "P90X corner." Our handmade tricep dip apparatus is at the end.

Looking east: TV/dvd that swivels, neglected bicycle, camping gear.

Pull-up apparatus with ice chest beneath so I can "cheat" for now.

I am quite proud of the makeover. And I feel quite fortunate to have this space, in general. Since our garage is extra long, Chasen can actually fit his truck in it (a first for us!) which frees up this little room for workout equipment/storage. If only it was air conditioned! Hey - a girl can dream. If I turn into the next Jillian Michaels, maybe we'll invest in a little window unit. Until then, I'll do as much as I can inside my home.

For a bit more of an explanation as to why I am taking a sabbatical from running, it goes like this. It's not that I want to, exactly, but here are the facts. I started training for the Chicago Marathon last May, ran it in October, took three weeks off, started training for Cowtown, ran it in February, took three weeks off, started training for Frisco, and ran it on April 30th. That means that I trained for marathons for a year solid, minus six weeks off. I feel fine, but I just want to give my "running muscles" a bit of a break. I am truly thankful to have done all I did without injury. Now it's time to challenge myself in a new way, in a new, clean space while giving the local roads a rest. 'Nuff said!


Susan K. said...

Wow! Very nice indeed, SS! I wish I was your neighbor, I'd come & work up a sweat with ya! :)

Heather said...

That is so awesome!!!!! I wish they made a beginner version of P90X like P30X. lol. I decided that no matter what the diagnosis I am going to sign up for Zumba this summer. If I can't run I can at least dance my butt off I hope! =) Good luck! Can't wait to hear about P90X updates!!!

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shannon said...

Oh, I've heard about P90X and I don't think I would last 5 minutes.

Good idea to give your running muscles a rest now and again. I have overtrained and as a result ended up with a stress reaction on the second metatarsal of my left foot. It's so hard to pull back when you feel good though! :)

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