Friday, August 12, 2011

Just What I Needed

After nearly eleven weeks without an update, I am back. This summer went in many different directions. I had intended to lay off running in favor of doing P90X hard core, but the universe had other plans for me. I did a good three or four weeks of it, but it just didn't hold my interest. As it turns out, I'm a runner after all. :)

This post could easily be titled "my summer in photos," and I think it will serve as a visual chronology of what led me to believe even more than previously just how important running is to me. So here goes.

There's nothing much better than having fun outdoors daily with your 2-year-old!

Unless if his BFF's mom goes into early labor and all of a sudden you have TWO boys on your hands...

Then, of course, your husband jets off to China, Malaysia and Singapore for ten days.

And he has to miss Father's Day in the process. :(

When the Wheel Mobile comes to town, you think only a handful of people will show up... wrong!

And this is as close to Pat Sajak as your clever self will ever get.

You pacify the daddy-missing boy with trips out in daddy's truck and cups of water.

And, even though he'll hate you later, you capture first moments on the potty!

But he gets revenge one way or another!

He puts on your running shoes, since obviously you have no time to wear them.

Getting a free car wash does distract a lonely boy for a while.

At last, you're not a single parent any more!

Just in time for splash lessons at the local YMCA. Watch that little fish go!

A bathing beauty if I ever saw one. Look out, pool ladies.

First time in a booster seat. Next up: college. Sniff, sniff.

Clean plate award! A first for this boy!

Watching the fireworks in style -- on the fifth floor of daddy's work.

Matron of Honor in Chicago. Congratulations to Thi and Ryan!

Of course, no trip to Chicago is complete with some Giordano's pizza and old friends.

I did NOT want to come home to THIS... but I did. That is not chocolate, unfortunately.

I thought I'd donate blood, but I was practically begged to donate platelets. So I did.

Isaac was rewarded with a cupcake for once doing a certain something on the potty!

Helping daddy get the yard spruced up for a big church dinner at our place.

Sixty of our closest friends dropped by...

For dessert I served some of my famous cheesecakes, my new casual business venture.

The best sellers are little 4" diameter ones, perfect for two people to share.

Mmm! Heath cheesecake! One of the 5+ flavors I make.

Isaac LOVES cheesecake, but he also loves sushi. So much, in fact, that he'll shove an entire piece in his mouth.

Bowling for the first time - if that's not a good looking team, I'll grease your lane!


Hmm... I think this coffee table's engine needs a tune up, mommy.

This gives new meaning to the term "liquid lunch." Yes, that's salsa.

A water-feature bounce house is always a hit with my little fish.

Making funny glasses at Chick-fil-A, our while-school-is-out Tuesday morning hangout.

A good man is hard to find - except here are two!

Bath time is the best time.

"Look, Mommy, I can wear Daddy's grilling glove. Bring on the burgers and dogs!"

So there's my summer, thus far. What have I learned? Several thing:
1) Life with a 2-year-old boy is NEVER dull. Not even when he sleeps.
2) I am my best self when I am running.
3) Without running for 103 days, I am one step away from both the looney bin and the fat farm.
4) Life goes by just as quickly without running, so people really can't say they have no time to run.

Yep - a sabbatical of 103 days was accomplished. I hope my legs and feet appreciate the sacrifice I made. My mind and my waistline have not appreciated it, that's for darn sure. But I find that lesson to be just what I needed. This time off has given me a deeper appreciation for my sport of choice. Without it, I'm just not the Susan I want to be.

So what's next? Marathon #7, of course, 21 weeks from now. I will be base training for a few weeks. I started today by walking two miles. It felt... like walking two miles. No fireworks, just got the job done. I'll save the fireworks for my favorite thing: running.


Casey said...

adorable pics! the cheesecake looks amazing and, i'm sorry, but I LOL'd at crib pic. ;)

Heather said...

Woohooo!!! Welcome back!!!!! Have so missed your blog!

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