Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back In The Brooks

This past week marked my official return to running. I did three 3-mile walk-runs on Teddy Tready, all after Isaac went to sleep. That is not my preferred timeslot, but with no Mother's Day Out just yet, I don't have much of a choice (other than naptime, which didn't work out well this week).

I did the first one at 1:2 (one minute running, two minutes walking). I averaged 15:14 per mile. Fine by me! I have no access to cable TV in our detached garage, and I don't really like watching DVD's, so I just listened to running podcasts. It was great to feel "connected" again.

Attempt number two was 1:1 at 14:31. I felt like I had a lot left in the tank after only running for one minute, but after taking 103 days off, I didn't dare push too hard. No need! I mean, I have *gulp* twenty weeks until marathon #7.

Attempt number three was a combination of sorts, but a lot of it was done by running 1:30 and walking 1:00. I averaged 13:49 that time. Pretty darn good! I actually felt a wee bit of muscle fatigue after that one, though (which was actually kind of nice).

I am proud of my nine mile week. I have to admit, though, that I do wonder if I can pull it all together in twenty weeks. I know the whole "muscle memory" thing is huge, but at this point I feel nervous about it. The good news is that my homegrown, Hanson-inspired training schedule has received the seal of approval (after some tweaking) from my trusted sources (who have yet to fail me). Here goes nothin'!!!


Heather said...

Woohoo!!! Welcome back to the running world. Great job on a first week back! And I'm glad I can re-add your blog to my Monday "get my act together and get motivated" break at work. lol.

lizzie lee said...

Don't be nervous about it. Of course you can pull it together in 20 weeks. I went from ZERO miles plus ZERO muscle memory to my first marathon in 26 weeks. You have not only muscle memory, but 6 marathons... It's yours!

Anonymous said...

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