Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pondering Change

First, the good news: Chasen made it home safely from his fourth business trip to China! Isaac and I were both over the moon.

Now on to the running. My Hanson-inspired training plan that I personally created has proven to be too much for me, at least at this time. Each run seemed to be more demoralizing that the last. I was feeling "overtrained" a bit, to say the least. Monday was pretty much the final straw. After three days off, thanks to a funky stomach bug of sorts, I went to a friend's house and parked for a 9-mile run. She lives "way out" and had new scenery to offer. I did alright for the first four miles, but then hit my current 4-mile wall and it was all I could do to muster up the energy (and desire) to walk back to my car. Ugh!

I realized that change was in order. I immediately (after venting to excellent friends, of course) consulted my favorite running book that I've had since the very beginning, and I decided to switch to the plan that I used to train for the 2011 Cowtown Marathon. Bing, bang, boom - problem solved. Or so I hoped.

Within an hour or so, my right foot began to hurt. There goes my running! Long story short, it feels like someone is pinching something in there very tightly. It pretty much hurt 24/7 for 5 days straight. Only now am I getting a bit of relief. Coach Terry thinks, based on his own, personal experience, I may have a bit of tendonitis. I have an appointment set up for Tuesday morning. We shall see!

The strange thing is that I am extremely calm about it, and the idea of not being able to run for a while does NOT freak me out. I know, I know - did someone switch brains with me in the middle of the night?

If I can't run on January 7th, well - that race isn't going anywhere. With 44 more states to run in, I'll have no shortage of marathons to choose from. Time (or Dr. C...) will tell.


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

have you considered acupuncture? I started doing that and rolling my foot on a tennis ball consistently to stretch the muscles and lots of things seem better

Dr Hulda Clark said...

It is effecting you because you need some proteins and calcium!!!

Anonymous said...

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