Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wait And See

I am a happy woman. My foot pain, which was constant, lasted for five solid days (Monday - Friday). Saturday came and it was gone. It has stayed away ever since, but I went to see the orthopaedic doctor anyway... just in case. I felt silly going in there with not a pain in the world, but I thought it best to tell him what exactly happened and how I felt, etc.

X-rays showed "a perfect foot." Well lah-te-dah! Then, the hilarious Dr. C walked in and our matching senses of humor took over. Mind you, others would probably find his manner today offensive, but I did not. I laughed so loud a nurse popped her head in to check on us.

Him: What do you have going on?
Me: I was out running, and... (interruption)
Him: How far?
Me: Eight miles.
Him: That's a long way.
Me: Not really. But after that my foot started hurting (I motioned where). It felt like someone was pinching it in there for five straight days, but not since then. I haven't run since then (eight days ago).
Him: So what does that tell you?
Me: Well, I know it was running related.
Him: Come on, Einstein, it hurt and then you stopped running. Hmm...
Me: I know - it's obvious.
Him: When do you want to go running next?
Me: If you say it's OK, I'll go fifteen minutes from now.
Him: What do you want to happen?
Me: I want you to tell me what caused this, and maybe how I can prevent it from happening again.
Him: People in hell want ice water. (insert huge, belly laugh) You irritated it somehow, and it may or may not come back. I'll give you a prescription for a stronger anti-inflammatory.
Me: But I don't want a 'band-aid', I want a cure.
Him: Well, that's not really an option. Take it for thirty days.

He left to go write it up, and I realized that I forgot to show him my six-year-old orthotics. I stepped out with one in my hand and a nurse said "WHAT IS THAT???" I told her. She asked if it worked, in disbelief. Um... yes. He popped out and said "Where did you get that, the Smithsonian?" Ha! He kills me! He recommended a local store, as opposed to a podiatrist, for custom orthotics. He said he'd rather I give my money to him. Ha!

Again, this totally worked for me. We are well matched. My hubby, however, found it offensive, as might you. Oh well - my foot, my doctor.

So now I will get back on the road and see what happens. I am still unsure about January 7th, but at least I am pain free for the time being and have the promise of being able to do what I love -- all with a funny story to go along with it.


Anonymous said...

"Smithsonian"- that is hilarious! Glad your foot is feeling better. Hopefully some new orthotics will help prevent future problems!

Anonymous said...

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