Friday, December 16, 2011

Shaking Things Up

I've had a model week! Even though my Monday run was less than spectacular, I got it done. On Wednesday I ran from my church, which I haven't done in a while, and it was really, really good. That night I went out with a girlfriend to, as she put it, teach her how to run. We did almost two miles by walking for about three minutes and then running for about one minute. She did great! She said that previously running had always felt too difficult. Well, start slow. Next thing you know, I'll have her running a 5k!

Today I was to walk. I used my treadmill and quickly put in four miles. After that I had to really book it because... I had to go to Isaac's Christmas party at Mother's Day Out! Even Chasen was able to break free from work for a bit and enjoy it.

The artiste paints some ornaments with a tiny bit of help from Daddy.

The finished, wet product, which is is proudly on our tree.

"Yay! Daddy came to my classroom!"

"Mommy wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Three happy faces after a potluck lunch, toddler style.

Now Isaac will be home with me, without school, for 2.5 weeks. How will I get my running done, you ask? Well, since I "only" run for 30 minutes at this time, he can come along in his stroller. Or I can run during his naptime. Heck, I could run at night, as well. Oh the options! The longruns, as always, will be spend doing "boy things" with Chasen - same old same old.

Happy Holidays!


Petraruns said...

Love those pictures and AWW what a sweet comment! THink I'm beginning to come back down to earth here... Will be catching up on audio shortly!

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