Sunday, January 29, 2012

Doing My Best

This past week was only my second "perfect" running week of the new year. That's the glass half empty view. The glass half full view is "I've had two perfect running weeks this month!" By that, I mean that I completed all scheduled runs. When I did miss, by the way, it was a mid-week run, not the long run.

My long runs are ramping up, so I am "back on the Garmin." But... only for the distance aspect of it. You see, I have been setting up interval workouts so that I may accomplish my Galloway style 'run this long, walk this long' training. Yesterday, for example, I did 13.60 miles that way. It was GLORIOUS from a cardiovascular standpoint. I never "gave out." I had other aches and pains, but I never hit the wall. Victory! What was even better, though, was receiving proud phonecalls twice from a certain toddler that he had gone poo poo in the potty. Now that is victory, people!

I have now officially registered for The Flying Pig Marathon, secured my free hotel stay and free-ish flight to Cincinnati (thank you, frequent flier miles and hotel points). I am now 14 weeks out! Because I am doing this Galloway plan my way, here are my remaining long runs:
5 miles
15 miles
4 miles of speedwork
17 miles
6 miles of speedwork
6 miles
20 miles
8 miles of speedwork (while Chasen is back in China - boo!)
7 miles
23 miles
10 miles of speedwork
6 miles

I can do that! Yes I can! I serendipitously left a free week for when "life happens," because let's face it -- life does happen. And just so you know, if I was following G-man to the letter, I would go all the way up to 29 miles prior to race day. No thanks, sir. If all goes well, this race will serve as a training run for yet another marathon about five weeks later. But more on that another day.

My only concern at this point is warding off a potential overuse injury of the metatarsals in my right foot. I will be treading lightly for the next few days.


gabsatrucker said...

Yay for victories!!!!!

Petraruns said...

Nice one! It's January I would take the glass half-full view of everything if you can.

I am so JEALOUS of you running Flying Pig!

Paramedic + RT + Princess = 1 Happy Family said...

I am from Cincinnati and this is a huge event in town. It is a lot of work and it is very awesome that you can do this! All the best of luck and I hope you enjoy Cincinnati!

PS...get you some Skyline Chilli while you are here!

Kelli K

Alyse said...

I vote for the glass half full version! Good for you!! Flying Pig is yours to own :)

Heather said...

Wooohooo!!! Keep it up Susan!!! And how amazing that it isn't that cold to train in the winter for a spring marathon? =) Hope all is well with you and yours!