Saturday, February 04, 2012

Using My Time Wisely

After beginning to show signs of metatarsal area soreness in my right foot, per my last post, I decided to skip last weekend's 5-miler. It's only five miles, after all. I made the decision after running 40 minutes, per Galloway, on Wednesday and feeling soreness, I decided to skip my 4-mile walk on Thursday and the 5-mile run on Saturday. Chasen noted that my lower legs had very tight muscles throughout the weekend. Finally, on Sunday night I was given "not tight at all" status, so I decided to set out on another 40-minute journey on Monday. But how on earth did I occupy myself for all of those days off?

I had the opportunity to do a bit of architecture work. It's a rarity, so I JUMPED at the chance. A couple wants to build a detached cottage by their house with a connecting breezeway.

The cottage will go in the space just beyond the driveway.

Also, as you know, I am an amateur cheesecake baker. I donated a certificate for one of my tiered creations to a local charity event. The winning bidder requested an LSU-themed celebration.

Here is the scrumptious prize. Looks straight out of Baton Rouge, right?

Timing really is everything. Thanks to my sore metatarsals, I had time to devote to work and cheesecake. I could have done it all, but deleting running from the equation allowed me to do the jobs well and with much less time stress. Thank heaven for small favors.

Today I got back out there. I thought about putting it off until Wednesday, giving me an entire week off, but I was pain free and felt up to it. I got through at least 20 of the 40 minutes without any discomfort at all. It was by no means awful, but I knew something was going on. Hmm... I have a 15-miler on deck for Saturday. What to do?

I am 13 weeks out from The Flying Pig Marathon. I have time. And I have built into a week of "fluff" into the schedule. WHAT TO DO? I want to feel 100%, but is that even possible?


Anonymous said...
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Petraruns said...

Delete the spammer!

I think you made a WISE decision not to run and I hope you're going to continue to take it easier on yourself until you're painfree?

lizzie lee said...

that's an awesome cake

Anonymous said...

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