Monday, June 18, 2012

Glacier National Park, Part 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, Isaac did such a good job on the airplanes and at the airports. We couldn't have been more proud!

 Here is the master traveler on Friday in Spokane.

 Driving from Spokane, Washington to Moscow, Idaho was very green, blue, and pretty.

We spent most of Saturday in Moscow with Denise and Tim. It started with breakfast at The Breakfast Club and then a stroll through the farmers market.

 It's very ironic that our breakfast choice had what looked like a "water stop" outside for waiting diners.

 We saw the neatest mini-donut machine set up at the farmers market after breakfast.

 This marimba band was by far the most entertaining thing there, though.

[Now fast forward through the race.]

After the St. Joe River Marathon, and a good night's sleep, we loaded up our rental car and drove from St. Maries, Idaho to West Glacier, Montana. The only time Isaac was restless/whiny was while on the long road trip portions of the vacation, and this was one of them. Not fun. And he even had movies to watch on the rental's DVD player! Aargh!

 They don't call Montana "Big Sky Country" for nothing. It was breathtaking.

Once we gave up our pipe dream to rent an RV (which turned out to be a huge blessing), we settled on renting a "Kamping Lodge" at West Glacier KOA. It was just perfect for my family of three, and only a few miles from Glacier National Park's west entrance.

 The kitchenette had a refrigerator and microwave.

 L-R: Isaac's "bunk room," table/TV, full bath, kitchenette.

 Our room; it has been years since we slept on a full size bed. Seemed small!

 At the foot of our bed was a wardrobe and a small TV, perfect for after Isaac was asleep.

 Living room - actually opposite the kitchenette and dining table (that is a sleeper sofa).

 Here is the front of the cabin. It was just perfect!

 Fire pit with benches, which we never used.

 The grill, on the other hand, got used at every meal. 

And here is my view from the couch. Not too shabby!

After we arrived we were all worn out from the drive, especially Isaac, so we just took it easy on night one. As of the next morning, we were off like a shot! That post is coming next. Stay tuned!


Petraruns said...

It looks perfect Susan - and it sounds like Isaac did SO well - a little bit of whining in the car is understadnable (I feel that way sometimes).

CewTwo said...

Wow! Nice place to stay for a vacation!
It looks very comfortable.
It seems that recovery time from the full was minimal! You are an achieved runner!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! That cabin and view looks amazing. I've always wanted to go there! -Heather

PLANET3RRY said...

Fun! Looks like a neat place.

Becky said...

The cabin looks great! Beautiful and rustic!