Monday, June 18, 2012

Glacier National Park, Part 2

On our first full day at Glacier, I got up and made us a "Big Sky breakfast" on the grill. Yep - a complete breakfast on the grill! That was a first for me. The boys snoozed while I stood out in the lovely morning air doing my thing. It was fantastic.

Cheese omelet, hash browns, very thick bacon. No dieting at Glacier!

When we were all ready to go, we loaded up and headed to the park. We were so excited! $25 got us a week's worth of beauty, so we could come and go as we pleased for seven days (but we only had three). It was still a bit foggy at first, but I actually think that it added to the majesty of it all.

We were navigating a very curvy road (as they mostly all are there) and kept stopping to take photos.

Each scene was more beautiful than the previous one. It was almost too much!

 We are big fans of snow-capped mountains. Oh yea!

All in all, I'd say the "moving water" areas were our favorite. But we loved everything.

It was an amazing experience! Must return!

 I told Chasen that this could replace his six year old Facebook profile photo. Ha!

 There's my sweet little hiker. He did very well out there.

 I took this photo of Chasen from way back, actually, with a good iPhone zoom.

 Then I saw this sign. You big dummy! 

 It really doesn't get any better than this.

 So many types of gorgeous nature in one spot. Wow.

 We kept asking each other "How could someone hike up there?" Impressive, for sure.

We wanted to take a red bus tour, but they started at three hours long. No good for a three year old.

 They usually give tour with the top open. We'll do that when Isaac is older.

 We would have loved a boat tour... but not with a chilly three year old.

 So we stuck to the easily navigable, fun stuff.

 Chasen loved being on the banks of the lake. So, so pretty.

 We liked the multi-colored rocks of the area. Isaac insisted on keeping some. Shhh!

 The water was crystal clear most of the time.

Playing with and throwing rocks is big fun for a three year old.

 Chasen attempts to teach Isaac how to skip rocks. Every man needs to know how to do that, I guess.

After all of this we headed back to our cabin so I could make lunch. Since I forgot to purchase sandwich meat, I had to make grilled cheese in crash-course fashion.

 Each cabin had its own name. 

 Here is the KOA Grill Master making some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. On a grill, no less!

 Next came nap time, which was my cue to go and do some laundry for us all on site.

That afternoon we went to one of my favorite spots: The Trail of the Cedars. It was "short and sweet," as compared to a lot of trails, but that was the best kind for Isaac.

Chasen thought he'd attempt a steep, long hike with Isaac. Well, actually, he said they'd just go as far as they could. I opted to stay behind and wait. So I turned a corner and found my favorite part of the whole park: Avalanche Gorge. After seeing this, every dollar we spent and every hour spent in the car with a whining, restless boy were all worth it.


I probably could have stood there for hours. I was so excited for them to see it!


 The lush, green colors were even more magnificent in person, trust me.

 The roots of this fallen tree looked more like artwork to me. Just so pretty!

On the way back to the cabin that night, we saw a rainbow over the mountains. It's not every day you see something like that.

When we got closer to the campground (which was immaculately clean and manicured, by the way) we realized that it was a double rainbow. You really don't see that every day!

 See them both? One up high and one sort of "on the mountain?"

That night I cooked my third meal of the day on the grill: steak, pasta-roni, plus canned three bean salad.

The next day we spent time on the east side of the park. Hang tight!


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Certainly seems like everyone had a great time in a great place. Some of my favorite memories are in America's national parks!

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